Former Crown Prince Conspiracy to Destabilize Bankrupt Country: Jordan

Jordanian officials accused the country’s former crown prince on Sunday for colluding with foreign elements in a “malicious conspiracy” that threatened the country’s security. Foreign Minister Aiman ​​Saffadi told reporters that the plot failed in “zero hours.” “Then it was clear that they had moved from design and planning to action,” Safadi said. He said about 14 to 16 people had been arrested, in addition to two senior officials near Prince Hamza.
Saffadi spoke in a rare public clash between long-standing family top members the day after Abdullah II’s half-brother, Hamza, was put under house arrest. The unprecedented incident raised concerns about the stability of a country considered a major western ally in volatile regions, eliciting an overflow of support for Abdullah. In a videotape statement from house arrest, Hamza accused national leaders of corruption and incompetence.
Mr. Saffadi, who also holds the title of Deputy Prime Minister, said intelligence agencies had been monitoring plotters for some time and expressed concern to the King. He said Hamza was asked to “stop all these activities and movements that threatened Jordan and its stability,” but he refused.
Saffadi did not identify the foreign country allegedly involved in the plot. But he said he was planning to leave the country, involving long-time senior officials in business relations in some of the Gulf Arab countries, Basem Ibrahim Awadara. He also said Awadara was trying to secure a plane for Hamza’s wife to escape. Awadallah and his second senior official, Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, are one of the suspects in custody.
“There is a joint coordination between Awadara and the prince, but we won’t go into the details,” Safadi said. He refused to say whether the prince would be prosecuted for any crime.
Asked if Hamza could be prosecuted, Saffadi said there were “friendly” attempts to deal with him for the time being, but “the stability and security of the kingdom transcends everything.” “It is.” The plot is completely included. Our safety and stability are unwavering. ”
The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Arab countries in the Middle East have issued strong statements in support of Abdullah.
The prompt statement of support emphasized Jordan’s strategic importance as a relatively stable island in a turbulent region. While harsh criticism from popular ruling parties could support growing dissatisfaction with the kingdom’s poor governance, the harsh reaction of the king also marked the limits of his acceptance of public opposition.
Jordanian analyst Ravib Kamhawi said he crossed the red line, showing that Hamza could replace the long-standing king.
“This is something the king does not accept or tolerate,” he said. “That’s why we’re witnessing what’s happening right now. This file is more or less closed.” Early on Sunday, Hamza’s mother, Queen Noor, said, “Innocent. He expressed sympathy for the “victims”.
“Praying for that truth and justice will beat all the innocent victims of this evil slander. God will bless them and keep them safe,” she tweeted.
In his video, Hamza said that the kingdom’s military commander would visit early Saturday and would not be able to go out, communicate with people, or meet them. He said his phone and internet services were cut off, and his satellite internet, which was used to record messages, was also cut off.
He said he was not accused of participating in the criticism, but was said to have been punished for attending the criticized meeting of the king.
Hamza then denounced the “control system” without mentioning the king, “its personal interests, its economic interests, its corruption are more important than the lives, dignity and future of 10 million people. I decided. ” I live here. ”
“I’m not part of a conspiracy or malicious organization or a group with foreign support. This is my claim here to those who speak,” he said. “There are members of this family who still love this country, care for it, and prioritize it above all else.”
“Obviously, it was a crime worthy of quarantine and intimidation and is now cut off,” he added.
Hamza was stripped of his title by Abdullah in 2004, five years after the death of his father, the late King Hussein, a former crown prince.
Hamza is a popular figure in Jordan and is widely regarded as reverent and humble. It is extremely rare for seniors in the ruling party to clash openly.
However, whatever the crisis did in Jordan, it seemed to have little direct impact on external support for Abdullah.
“King Abdullah is a major partner in the United States and he has full support from us,” said Ned Price, a spokesman for the US State Department. The United States considers Jordan a major ally and grants access to military equipment and support. US Special Forces and other military forces regularly train with Jordanians. The kingdom accepts about 3,000 US troops.
The pro-American Gulf Arab countries, where many Jordanians work beyond public sector jobs, also soon issued a statement in support of the King and his government.
The state-owned Saudi Press Agency said the Royal Courts of Justice of the Kingdom supported King Abdullah’s efforts to “maintain security and stability and prevent any attempt to affect them.” Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have issued statements in support of Abdullah as well. Israel dismissed the turmoil as a “domestic problem in Jordan.”

Former Crown Prince Conspiracy to Destabilize Bankrupt Country: Jordan

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