FM University Opens Outstanding Center for Biological Resource Management

Bhubaneswar: Fakir Mohan University Balasore opens an outstanding center on “biological resource management and energy-saving material management” funded by the World Bank and the Higher Education Program for Excellence and Fairness (OHEPEE) in Orissa .. Dinabandhu Sahoo, Vice-President of the University, laid the cornerstone of the campus center on Thursday.

Balasore’s center focuses on biodiversity assessment with a particular focus on seaweeds, mangroves, medicinal plants, microorganisms and marine mammals. In addition to assessing surface water quality, we will also study pollution monitoring and management. In addition, official sources said the team will carry out research on the development of hybrid nanocomposites to save energy.

The 10,000-square-foot state-of-the-art center houses a world-class laboratory with all modern equipment, including sophisticated equipment. The Orissa Police Housing Welfare Corporation plans to build the building by December this year.

Biodiversity, the diverse life found in some parts of the globe, is important to the lives of all, Sahu said. “Climate change, global warming, rising population pressure, food and nutrition shortages, freshwater shortages, energy crises and many other issues are being discussed around the world. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic is in the 21st century. It is one of the biggest challenges of the world, and more new challenges will arise in the future. We must address them and find solutions through scientific and technical intervention, “he added. It was.

Sahoo said bioresource management and energy conservation not only play an important role in combating some of these challenges, but also generate billions of dollars in revenue to the country’s economy and millions of jobs in India. Said that it could produce. He said India is rich in biodiversity and biological resources. “If properly managed, it will boost our economy. We must not fully or overuse biological resources. We are for future generations. Bioresource management needs to be undertaken to protect biodiversity and achieve some of the goals of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

FM University Opens Outstanding Center for Biological Resource Management

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