Flight canceled and school closed 3 Covid-19 cases in Shanghai

Shanghai: Hundreds of flights were canceled on Friday, some schools were closed, and tour groups were suspended after three cases of coronavirus were reported in Shanghai as China continued its strict zero-covid policy. I did.

Beijing has largely succeeded in curbing the spread of the coronavirus within its borders through travel bans and sudden blockades, but frequent domestic relapses have tested its intolerance strategy in recent months.

Shanghai health officials said at a press conference Thursday evening that the three positive cases were friends who traveled together to nearby Suzhou last week-all were fully vaccinated.

More than 500 flights from two major airports in Shanghai were canceled on Friday, data from flight tracker VariFlight showed.

The Shanghai government has also instructed to cancel package tours across all states, including Shanghai, a major commercial and tourism center.

Six hospitals in Shanghai have also stopped outpatient services.

“China has gained a lot of experience with’Dynamic Zero Covid’, so our strategy will not change,” Zhang Wenhong of the Shanghai Covid Prevention Expert Task Force said in a briefing on Thursday.

He warned that this could be a “normalized anti-epidemic situation that could be encountered again” in the future.

Suzhou, about 100 kilometers away (population of about 13 million), closed tourist attractions and demanded that residents provide negative test results to leave the city.

Beijing officials are wary of potential outbreaks of foreign athletes, media and officials in preparation for the February Winter Olympics.

In a small satellite city of Xuzhou, all schools were closed, blocking two million residents from leaving the city by bus after finding close contact with a patient in Shanghai.

According to state media, the adjacent Hangzhou university campus was closed after staff were found to be in close contact with the confirmed incident.

Beijing’s Olympic Park has already been closed as part of the event’s “closed-loop” bubble, with leadership deciding to host a Covid-free Olympics, state media reported.

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Flight canceled and school closed 3 Covid-19 cases in Shanghai

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