Five roles that only she could pull off

The prominent theatrical personality and film and television actress Ratna Pasakshire is one year older today. She is famous for her successful comedies – Idhar Udhar and Sarabhaivs Sarabhai. Her film work began with the acclaimed Mandy Sham Venegal. She has also appeared in Ketan Shah and Merchant Ivory Productions films. On her birthday occasion, we will look at five of her prominent film roles.

1. Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (2008): This is a movie that most people associate with Ratna Pasakshire. She plays the character of Savitr Singh Lasole, the mother of Jai, a male leader played by Imran Khan. Her quarrel with Paresh Rawal’s inspector PK Wagmale and a photo of her dead husband Amar (Nashi Ladin Shah) are cheerful and show off her skillful acting chops.

2. Family photo of Kapoor family (2016): The actress manages the roles of wife, mother and daughter-in-law very easily. It’s hard to imagine someone else playing the role of Sunita. The scene of projecting frustration on husband’s affair, son-to-son conflict, eldest son’s sexuality, and father-in-law’s mischievous looks perfect.

3. Nil Battey Sannata (2016): She plays the role of Dr. Diwan, in which the main character of Chanda Sahei (Swara Bascal) works as a maid. Dr. Diwan persuades Chanda to enroll in the tenth class, allowing her to teach her own daughter, Ap (Riashukra), rather than relying on a tutor.

4. Lipstick under my burqa (2016): This movie tells of four oppressed and abused women and their desire to be loved and free. Shah plays Usha, a 55-year-old widow. Usha seeks love and is trying to win the hearts of a much younger swimming instructor (Jagat Singh Solanki).

5. No pause (2020): This 5-story anthology movie is about a character influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The segment Chand Mubarak deals with the relationship between an older woman (Shah) and a young rickshaw driver named Rafique (Shardul Bharadwaj).

Five roles that only she could pull off

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