Five Bollywood Divas who were artist muses

Born September 17, 1915, Maqbool Fida Husain, also known as MF Husain, represented the human situation in bold, vibrant colors and carried out a variety of topics in succession. Sometimes referred to as “Picasso of India,” he treated the canvas in a modified Cubist style. Hussein, a wealthy photographer, printmaker and filmmaker, had a past charm for Bollywood films and the beauties who reigned on the big screen.

Take a look at the Bollywood diva who became the muse of the late artist on his birthday.

Maduri Dikt

Of course Maduri Dikt! Midfielder Hussain’s praise for Duck Duck girls is not a secret. That’s the influence of her charm, and the artist has watched her movie Hum Apke Hai Kaun nearly 70 times. Padmavi Boushan set foot in the film production in the 2000 movie Gajagamini, where he cast Maduri. He makes a film as an ode to femininity and pays homage to his eternal muse Maduri. Many beauties impressed the masters of art, but Maduri was undoubtedly the “queen of his heart.”


Gajagamini’s misfortune at the box office did not discourage Hussein. He produced his second Bollywood film, Meenaxi: A Tale of Three Cities, in 2004. Impressed by the timeless beauty of taboo, the artist definitely decided to draw her into the film.


Amrita Lao was in the next column of Hussein’s muse list after her movie Viva made a box office. The legendary painter was amazed at her simplicity in the movies he watched nearly 10 times. Hussein created her portraits and sketches and was convinced that the actress would have a long and successful career in the industry in the future.

Bidia Balun

Another woman who stole his heart was Vidia Balan with her naive charm. Her depiction of a moody country character in Ishikiya left Hussein indescribable. He even wanted to make a movie with Vidya while he was in Qatar. According to Hussein, Vidia is a woman who knows her heart and reflects the true spirit of Indian women.

Anushka Sharma

After a series of Bollywood diva, the next inspiration was Anushka Sharm. The artist’s last muse before his death impressed him with her charm in the movie band Baaja Baraat. After watching the movie, he was fascinated by her beauty and kept telling Anushka his feelings from Qatar.

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Five Bollywood Divas who were artist muses

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