Film director O’Neill reveals his birthday wishes: I want to get married next year | Hindi Film News

Filmmaker O’Neill celebrates his birthday today, but with the state’s current crisis in mind, “it was difficult to be content with everything that’s happening around us,” he said. say.

In a frank chat with ETimes, the director elicited the courage and wisdom of his brand and spilled beans about what a birthday means to him, his plans, and his greatest wishes a year ahead. It was.


Celebrating a birthday during a pandemic is not O’Neill’s agenda. “When the first covid-19 wave struck, it was all so far away, but now it’s suddenly at our door.”

The pandemic is still going on, so he shares some of the tips he’s followed, even if it means becoming a home handyman. “For me, I’m not out. The maids have stopped coming and everything is online. I do a lot of housework, but most importantly now keep my parents safe That is. ”

When asked if the COVID-19 crisis changed him in any way, he laughed out loud, “I think I was a good person before the pandemic. During the first wave, everyone said,” Oh! “The sky is blue” “We are more aware” The moment people thought the pandemic was over, the sky was still smoked and polluted. It’s fashionable to say that a pandemic has changed us, but to be honest, it’s just changed. How to adapt to the situation ”

O’Neill is one of the few celebrities to help connect people in need of medicines, oxygen and other necessities using social media platforms. He says: “Especially after seeing the silence of the industry, I’ve been very vocal about what’s happening around me. Any small voice on social media amplifies and allows people to cry for help. I’m trying to help others as much as I can. I’ve never been directly involved in relief efforts, but I’m working with various NGOs. ”

With the current crisis facing the country in mind, O’Neill guarantees that this year’s birthday will be a party of three. “The most important thing for me on my birthday is my parents. My dad is 90 years old. He makes biryani, he has already made me a fridge-chilled curry My mother cooked me my favorite dish, shrimp malai curry. It’s precious to me and I’ll spend time with people who are responsible to me. ”

The director also shared that, apart from the lack of family and friends, he asked those who wanted to send him gifts to contribute to the relief efforts by NGO Khalsa Aid instead.

Finally, she reveals her birthday wish and says, “I want to get married next year!”

He says, tickled by the idea of ​​finding a suitable life partner during the blockade. “… But that’s why we have to find the right person this year. It’s hard to blockade just by sitting at home. Until now, the Supreme Court and the law have considered it legal. No, but I definitely want to get married and have a Hindu Arya Samaj wedding. ”

Film director O’Neill reveals his birthday wishes: I want to get married next year | Hindi Film News

Source link Film director O’Neill reveals his birthday wishes: I want to get married next year | Hindi Film News

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