Fidelity offers 5 days of family care leave

Fidelity International, an international asset management company, has announced a “family care leave” policy for India after giving men the same number of days of parental leave as maternity leave as part of its global policy. A family in need of care.

Fidelity employs 2,900 people here, all of which benefit from the Family Care Leave Policy, a company that globally manages over US $ 706 billion in assets.

According to the company, all employees in organizations around the world will have at least five paid vacations available in a calendar year to care for families in need of care.

The new policy is the latest benefits offered to help Fidelity employees balance work and family responsibilities, and the policy will take effect this month.

This policy allows staff to take vacations for a variety of reasons, including caring for older parents, caring for families with illnesses and disabilities, and managing unexpected events such as nursery closures.

This policy is part of our family-friendly company policy and applies eight months after providing up to 26 weeks of parental leave as maternity leave.

According to Upas Ninal, director of human resources at Fidelity International India, the family care leave policy is based on multiple pulse surveys conducted on employees over the past few months, many of whom work. And found that assistance is needed to balance the responsibilities of family care.

Fidelity International provides investment solutions and services and retirement expertise to more than 2.5 million clients in more than 25 countries and manages total assets of US $ 706.3 billion. Its clients range from central banks, sovereign wealth funds, large corporations, financial institutions, insurance companies, wealth managers and even individuals.

Fidelity offers 5 days of family care leave

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