Faced Reds, undefeated Scherzer in the Dodgers

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Maximum effort

Max Scherzer has been dominant since being traded to the Dodgers and seeks to extend his succession when pitching to Cincinnati against the effects of the playoffs.

Scherzer was 6-0, with an eight-time ERA of 0.88 in Los Angeles, three Cy Young Awards due in late July, and a star infielder, Trea Turner, from Washington. In the Dodgers’ 51 innings, Scherzer allowed only 29 hits and hit 72.

Overall, 37-year-old Scherzer leads the majors at 2.17 ERA, with the Dodgers and Nationals totaling 14-4.

The Dodgers have already won the playoff spot and are competing for the Giants and NL West titles. Sonny Gray (7-7, 3.80) will start towards the Reds, aiming for a wildcard spot.

Like Fine Wayne

Longtime Cardinal ace Adam Wainwright is sharper than ever and has won five consecutive victories with San Diego at Busch Stadium.

40-year-old Wainwright (16-7, 2.88) has won nine of the last ten starts, with St. Louis competing in the playoff race and competing with the Padres, Reds, Phillies and Mets in the second NL. That’s why. Wildcard spot.

Wainwright was tagged with the best three home runs of the season when the Padres lost on May 15. Yu Darvish (8-10, 4.32) will start for San Diego.

Lance’s line of sight

Lance Lynn is aiming for her first victory since appearing in the White Sox, the leader of AL Central in Texas on July 25th.

Rin (10-4, 2.50 ERA) is 0-1 in the last 7 starts. He spent time on the injured list during that period due to inflammation of his right knee. On his first start since his return last weekend, he shut out Boston with two hits in five innings.

34-year-old Lynn was an all-star in his first season in Chicago. After spending the last two years with the Rangers, the Rangers have a lot of familiar faces.

Still here

Phillies and Mets continue their series in New York, sticking to slim hope after the season. Both teams are chasing the Cardinals, Padres and Reds in search of the final NL wildcard, and the Braves, the leader in the NL East, are also in sight.

Philadelphia’s right-handed Aaron Nola (7-8, 4.58 ERA) got the ball in an attempt to shake a recent rut. Since playing the perfect game seven times with San Diego on August 21, Nora has achieved 6.41 ERA with four starts. Hell opposes right-handed Carlos Carrasco (1-2, 5.59).


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Faced Reds, undefeated Scherzer in the Dodgers

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