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The music industry is booming in terms of content, creativity and experimentation. Boushan Kumar’s production company has always been a pioneer in introducing new artists and making songs relevant for life. His movie “Mumbai Saga” was recently released, but after almost a year of blockade, “Lut Gaye” became a staple of playlists.

Jubin Nautiyal’s fascinating voice, Imran Hashmi’s charismatic screen, and Boushan Kumar’s strong support made the whole work a success. As the song continued to be acclaimed, Jubin and Boushan sat exclusively with ETimes, preserving the legacy of music production, talking about the future of domestic indie music and revealing great success.Of their latest hit “Lut Gaye”

Congratulations on “Lut Gaye”. To be honest, you feel that each other is made to make the song a success. And Emraan Hashmi checked the last box! How was your overall experience?

Boushan: I’m emotionally investing in every song! It’s very overwhelming to see the number of “Lut Gayes” increase. These are incredible numbers! I’ve never seen such numbers on the best albums of the last 5-6 years, “Kabirushin” and “Because I Love You”.

To be honest, it wasn’t Jubin and I. It’s complete teamwork! The lyricist and composer also did a great job. During the pandemic, I worked primarily with Jubin, and this was by far the last number of such immense popularity in a short period of time. And obviously, I owe it to Emraan somewhere! I played this song with him for the first time in a long time. In fact, he played another song with me, “Main Roughoon Ya Na Roughoon”, which was also a big hit. He definitely brings magic. He continued my belief.

Also, Jubin wants to share that he is the only artist to have the largest number of streams in his 10-12 songs in the last 8-9 months. That’s incredible! I also made songs that featured him and let him share the screen space with some great TV actors and models, and those songs also worked.

Overall, the rapid popularity and emergence of non-Filmi songs has raised awareness of all my singers and artists as they are acting. In the past, I had only lip-synching, but I felt like I was singing with an actor’s song, so I am highly regarded as a singer. I did a lot of singles in Jubin. Earlier, he was so reluctant to shoot that I pushed him.

Jubin, what is your creative process like?

Jubin: By the time a particular piece arrives at me, Boushan is already ready for the entire prologue, settings and scripts. The songs I let you sing are already sophisticated and creatively checked, along with chorus parts, background tones and music. You will get the song at a later stage. And to be honest, I don’t think I need to identify anything about what Boushan creates. I want to learn from him and already have one.

With a strong captain of a team like Boushan, good results will surely come when he is driving himself with so much courage and conviction. As artists, we also learn a lot from him. Continuously delivering hits is not an easy task. There’s much more behind the process of every song. Many people are trying to work near him, but they can’t even get close to him.

You are already a popular face in the music industry. What was the biggest point from your trip so far?

Jubin: To be honest, I never thought I could try and sing so many genres. I always thought I could only sing sad and romantic songs, like when Boushan made me sing Qawwali. There were some decisions I couldn’t really make. Without Boushanji, I needed a push. I don’t think I could grow as much as a musician.

Jubin previously shared that the future of indie music is quite dangerous in India, unless backed by a strong label because of the latest trends. Therefore, I feel that music has been commercialized. D
o Do you think indie music can survive in India without the support of music labels?

Boushan: To be honest, it’s okay with this help and support. I don’t want to comment directly because there are many artists doing it myself. But obviously, as I told you, it’s teamwork. Everyone’s experience is very important. Not all songs survive as they do today.

Thankfully, I have an ear to choose music. I think it was inherited from my father. It’s very important when you’re recording a song. As for Jubin, he would come to me to suggest something, record a song and release it, but it didn’t work.

I don’t call myself a perfectionist. A strong backing only helps the song actually work. If that means it works commercially, let it do. The song will be revisited and will stay longer. Teamwork is very important. Music labels with such knowledge are very important for artists to grow at that level.

Otherwise, every artist goes into that zone where they do their own things, and the song may or may not work. I won’t name these artists, but we may release 10 to 20 songs, and only one will be a hit.
Singers ke khud ki conviction se cheeze nahi hoti (The singer’s beliefs don’t make things work), you definitely need experienced support. ”

We released “Lut Gaye” before the trailer dropped, as it did in the 90’s. Even the “Aashiqui” album was released six months before the movie. So how did the audience receive the movie according to that pattern?

As a producer, I wanted to seize the opportunity and revive the theater culture in a way that initially dominated the audience! People are afraid to go to the theater to watch movies, movies aren’t doing much business anyway. With that risk in mind, we plan to release “Mumbai Saga” and “Sina” (currently being released).

I don’t care about numbers or profit and loss margins. The market needs to be revived. People should start coming again. And these songs and everything has always worked in the past, right?

In short, this was the idea of ​​creating a pre-story with a song about the story of the movie, the first story of a character who uses the song as a medium. Therefore, the song stood out and caused enthusiasm to see it in the movie. I need to know that people are screaming and overjoyed by playing songs in movies, especially in single-screen theaters.

How do brands like the T-series, which have a legacy to face and fight new competition, stay relevant?

I have never been worried about competition. I have a musical sense that came from my father. I am so blessed and grateful.

Exclusive interview!Boushan Kumar and Jubin Nautiyal on “Mumbai Saga” Song, Root Gay Success | Hindi Movie News

Source link Exclusive interview!Boushan Kumar and Jubin Nautiyal on “Mumbai Saga” Song, Root Gay Success | Hindi Movie News

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