Exclusive! Construction of the “Brahmastra” and “Pathan” set has been put on hold. 1000 Workers Hit | Hindi Movie News

The film industry is once again lagging behind as Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions are re-imposed. And the sector that has been hit hardest is the Bollywood day laborers. A film producer who was planning a big song with more than 100 dancers was forced to cancel the plan, and almost all shoots with more than 30 dancers were cancelled. When contacted, Zahid Shaikh of the Cine Dancers Association (CDA) said: We were the first to hit this rule, and as a result, some shots were cancelled. ”

“There were songs from” Brass Mastra “that required 300 dancers, songs by Rohit Shetty from” Silks “, songs choreographed by Weibavi Merchant, and there were quite a few shots outdoors. The rehearsals for all songs have ended, but the shooting has been cancelled. In the case of Brahmastra, Ranbir Kapoor first got Covid, so he had to stop working for 15 days, after which Alia Bhatt became infected. Now there is a government obligation not to shoot big songs. This is a real shame, “Shake added.

Dancers earn Rs 4,500 per shift, but Sheikh says they are ultimately daily wage workers. In other words, there is no shooting or money. Therefore, it is scary for members again. This new blockade affects dancers. He wants things to be in control by the end of the month.

As these new SOPs have been put into practice again, junior artists are currently doing little work. Raja of the Junior Artist Association is a worried person. Only a few days after the new blockade, he is calling him for financial help from his members. He states: “Last time, the producer and others helped with the ration and money, but this time it’s not. Wait a minute, but if things don’t improve, definitely talk to the producer and help the members. I will. ”

Recently, about 45 junior artists tested positive before shooting Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu. Raja justifies that most of them are asymptomatic and domestic quarantine and should be sent to a public hospital in case someone needs to be hospitalized.

The Junior Artists Association has a total of 3,000 members, including Mahirakarakar, but by Covid’s standards, most producers hired only 50-60 artists for filming. “Only about 500 members work each day, and each one works alternately, but almost all the shoots, including junior artists, are on hold, so for the members, Raja said. I’m seeing a difficult time. ”

Another daily salary department, the Studio Settings Department, was also beaten by the pending construction of a big film set due to new blockades and restrictions on big shots, including songs, actions, and crowd scenes. Ashok Duby, general secretary of FWICE, said the fighter and studio settings departments were also hit hard. He reports that there were three major sets under construction, including a pattern that was being built in the heliport of the movie city, which included the shootings of John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan. Also, a set of Brass Mastra and a set of Vikram Samvat’s Andran Pictures were under construction. Each set has about 250 members from the setup department working daily, and the work was supposed to last for a month, but this new blockade will hurt their lives. ”

Exclusive! Construction of the “Brahmastra” and “Pathan” set has been put on hold. 1000 Workers Hit | Hindi Movie News

Source link Exclusive! Construction of the “Brahmastra” and “Pathan” set has been put on hold. 1000 Workers Hit | Hindi Movie News

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