Everything you need to know about Miyazaki, the most expensive mango in the world

Every year, July 22nd is celebrated as India’s National Mango Day. Mango is a very delicious and sweet fruit that has an amazing fan base since ancient times. Mangoes, which highly value their “favorite” meters, have been around for over 5,000 years. Given the popularity and affection of mangoes, this juicy and delicious fruit deserves that much day. From “aamaadmi” to not-so-aamaadmi (ordinary people), mangoes weaken everyone’s knees because of their taste.

Mango is becoming an embodiment of our culture and history. It is the king of fruits for a reason. All mango enthusiasts need to be aware of the many mango varieties around the world. But have you ever wondered what the most expensive type of mango is?

Find the most expensive mangoes as we celebrate national mango days across the country.

The name of the most expensive mango

A particular type of mango, called Miyazaki mango, is known to be the most expensive variety in the lot. It sells for Rs 2.70 per kilogram on the international market. Miyazaki Mango is also known as the Sun Egg.

Where did Miyazaki grow up?

Miyazaki mango is cultivated in Japan and is named after the city of Miyazaki, which was mainly harvested.

What you need to know about Miyazaki Mango:

Each mango weighs about 350 grams and is a beautiful red color.

It looks like a dinosaur egg.

Unlike the yellow “Pelican Mango” cultivated in Southeast Asia, it is a type of Irwin mango.

Miyazaki is also known as a dragon egg because of its fiery red color.

Interesting trivia

It turns out that a couple in Madhya Pradesh (named Sankalp Parihar and Rani) have planted two Miyazaki mango trees in an orchard in Jabalpur. They received mango saplings in 2020 during a train journey from a man traveling to Chennai.

Initially, they were unaware of the fact that they came across the most expensive mango in the world. So they casually planted seedlings in the orchard, but later found that the colors of the fruits were quite different.

They call the mango Damini after Sancalp’s mother.

After the thief tried to steal the mango, the couple placed four guards and six dogs in the orchard to protect this rare breed. Recently, a businessman offered delicious Miyazaki mangoes 21,000 rupees per kg, but refused because he intended to offer the first mango to God.

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Everything you need to know about Miyazaki, the most expensive mango in the world

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