EU accuses China and Russia of “manipulating” vaccine information

Brussels: with Beijing Moscow The EU said Wednesday that it had stepped up a “state-sponsored disinformation” campaign against Covid to blame the Western-developed vaccine and promoted its own vaccine.
“So-called’vaccine diplomacy’follows zero-sum game logic,” and aims to “damage confidence in Western vaccines, EU institutions, and Western / European vaccination strategies,” reports from EU foreign services. The book states. European External Action Service (EEAS).
Since December, Russian media, authorities and state-owned enterprises have Sputnik V Vaccines while the EU is using an “antagonist message” to accuse Russia of “interfering” with jabs, according to the report.
“The parent Kremlin media, including the official Sputnik V Twitter account, European Medicines Agency (EMA) And question its procedure and political impartiality. ”
The report “disperses the turmoil” to fuel the story that state-sponsored media intentionally delayed the body’s green light on its application for marketing approval for the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. “.
“The pro-Kremlin dealers have also generally blamed the EMA and EU for political prejudice against Russian vaccines,” he said.
Meanwhile, Beijing has advertised it as a “better for developing countries” vaccines, including the Western Balkans, and has provided “misleading explanations” about the safety of western vaccines and the origin of the coronavirus, the EU reports. The book said.
Sputnik V, a funded vaccine maker RussiaSovereign wealth funds counterattacked EU accusations on Twitter, saying they were the target of “unfortunate daily information attacks, primarily from some EU media.”
He said it was acting “to protect lives around the world and avoid vaccine monopolies that some vaccine producers might strive for,” claiming it was a “positive dialogue with the EMA.” ..
“If the EEAS determines that certain information is inaccurate, we would appreciate an official letter outlining that certain statements may be virtually incorrect,” he added.
EU vaccine deployments are facing widespread criticism from within the block as underdelivery has hampered early efforts to arm jabs.
There were also concerns about the safety of some vaccines-especially AstraZeneca -The use is restricted in some countries via links to rare blood clots.
Brussels claims that deliveries are currently recovering, and Brock aims to inoculate 70% of adults by the end of July.
Nonetheless, EU member Hungary has broken the ranks and controlled the jabs of Russia and China, but said Austria and Germany are in talks to buy Sputnik V.
EMA launched a rolling review of Sputnik V in March. With regulatory approval, it will be the first non-Western coronavirus vaccine approved for use in 27 countries.


EU accuses China and Russia of “manipulating” vaccine information

Source link EU accuses China and Russia of “manipulating” vaccine information

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