Ethiopian Prime Minister Gives Tigray Army 72 Hours to Surrender the Regional Capital

Addis Ababa / Nairobi: Ethiopian Prime Minister Addis Ababa gave Tigrinya local troops 72 hours to surrender before the troops launched an attack in the provincial capital of Mek’ele.

“We recommend peacefully surrendering within 72 hours, and we know you’re not coming back,” Abby said in a message posted on Twitter on Sunday evening. It was.

The Tigrinya army was not immediately asked for comment.

A military spokesman previously said that advancing Ethiopian troops were planning to surround Mek’ele with tanks and could bombard the city to force surrender.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which refuses to relinquish control of the northern region, said its troops were digging trenches and standing firmly.

Reuters could not confirm the latest statement about the war. It is difficult to confirm the claims of all sides because the telephone and internet communication is down.

Abbey’s federal forces have occupied a series of towns during the airstrikes and ground wars, aiming for Mek’ele, a high-altitude city of about 500,000 people now based in rebels.

The conflict broke out on November 4, killing hundreds and even thousands, and sending more than 30,000 refugees to nearby Sudan. The rocket was launched by rebels into the neighboring Amharic region and across the border into the country of Eritrea.

Foreign countries urged negotiations, but Abby forced an attack.

“All the precautions needed to prevent harm to civilians have been taken,” Abby said in a statement on Sunday evening, while he called law enforcement.

Mentioning the TPLF, he said, “All that is left in the creek is the fort and empty pride they have set up in Mek’ele.”

He said the Tigray people had enough of what he said was TPLF violence against them, and with the Federal Army to “lead this rebellious group to justice” to the Mek’ele people. I appealed to stand.

Abby has accused Tigrinya’s leaders of rebelling against central authorities and initiating a conflict by attacking federal troops in the town of Dansha on November 4.

Rebels say he has downplayed Tigrayans, excluded them from senior government and military positions, and detained many on charges of abuse of rights and corruption since his government took office two years ago. ing.


Earlier on Sunday, military spokesman Colonel Degen Tsegae told the state-owned Ethiopian Broadcasting System that “the next step is a crucial part of the operation of using tanks to surround Mek’ele.”

“We want to send a message to the general public in Mek’ele, protect ourselves from the bombardment, and free ourselves from the military junta … there is no mercy after that.”

TPLF leader Debrezion Gebremichael sent a text message to Reuters, resisting pushes from the South while his troops fell into federal troops and fought near the northern town of Adigrat. He said he was.

“It was their plan to surround Mek’ele, but they still couldn’t,” he said. “In the south front, they couldn’t move an inch for more than a week. They’re sending waves after () waves, but they’re useless.”

After taking office in 2018, Abby was praised for opening up Ethiopia’s closed economy and oppressive political system. However, rights groups say his government carried out mass arrests after this year’s violence and the detention of journalists.

Abby won the Nobel Peace Prize last year for ending a 20-year conflict with Eritrea. Last week the Oslo Awards Committee made a rare advance into the activities of the winners by promoting peace in Tigray.

Redwan Hussein, a spokesman for the government’s task force on Tigre, said TPLF leaders still have time to surrender. “The government will take maximum restraints so as not to pose a great risk to the private sector,” he added.

Many Tigrinya special forces and militias surrendered or scattered around Adigrat, but rebels dug roads, destroyed bridges, and booby-trapped roads. Said.

The MTF added that the army also took the small town of Idagahams on the road from Adigrat to Mek’ele.

(Written by Katharine Houreld and Andrew Cawthorne, edited by Frances Kerry)

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Ethiopian Prime Minister Gives Tigray Army 72 Hours to Surrender the Regional Capital

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