Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell “served” the girl for sex to Epstein: the prosecutor

New York: Ghislaine Maxwell has urged a young girl to be abused by “predator” Jeffrey Epstein, prosecutors said Monday in the sexual trafficking of British Jetset socialites and heirs. He said the trial had begun in New York.
Maxwell was the “female at home” in the world of Financier Epstein, who maintained a “culture of silence” through years of arrangements to sexually exploit girls under the age of 18, lawyer Lala Pomerans said in a federal proceeding on the first day. Of the trial that stated that it presented.
“It made them look and feel. They made them feel special, but it was a cover,” Pomeranz told the jury.
In fact, she “served them to be sexually abused,” Pomeranz said.
Two years after Epstein committed suicide in prison, before being tried on similar charges, Maxwell sat in a packed Manhattan court and faced six charges of seducing minors and transferring them for sexual activity. bottom.
The four unnamed women, allegedly suffering from two hands, are the main witnesses to the trial under the strong media attention.
The 59-year-old daughter of the late Baron Robert Maxwell, wearing a mask and a beige sweater and black slacks, was staring straight ahead while the proceedings were in progress.
If convicted, she faces the possibility of spending the rest of her life in jail.
Maxwell, whose sister Isabel was also in court, pleaded not guilty to all six counts.
Her lawyer alleged that she was indicted simply because US officials were unable to bring Epstein himself to justice.
However, during the period of accusations against her cover from 1994 to 2004, Pomerants said she was Epstein’s “right arm” partner, winning the trust of a 14-year-old girl, doing a nude massage and then Epstein. Said he adjusted to have sex.
According to prosecutors, Maxwell told Epstein’s luxury homes in Palm Beach, New Mexico, Manhattan, Florida, and his home in London, “When Epstein sent them to a massage room, they told them. I knew exactly what to do. ”
Epstein was the manager of millions of dollars of money accused of providing them with women, including minors, who became friends with countless celebrities, including Prince Andrew of England.
According to the indictment, Maxwell took part in the abuse of four unidentified women, begged them for shopping and traveling to the cinema, and then persuaded them to engage in sexual activity with Epstein before giving them money. rice field.
Two of the women say they were sexually abused at the ages of 14 and 15.
Epstein, who has avoided prosecution for years with the help of flawed law, strong ties, and sympathetic law enforcement, was arrested in July 2019.
But a month later, he committed suicide while in prison.
The prosecutor arrested Maxwell in July 2020, vowing to chase after the person who helped him in the abuse of the girl.
The trial is expected to last for six weeks, and Maxwell will face up to 80 years in prison if convicted of all charges.
The main witnesses are the women allegedly suffering from her and Epstein’s hands. They are allowed to testify in secret of their identities.
Due to the threat of Covid-19 and growing concerns about the new Omicron variant, a plexiglass box with an air filter was installed for witnesses and cross-examination lawyers.
Maxwell’s lawyer has shown to challenge the credibility of the whistleblower by referring to previous suspicions of substance abuse and false memories of what happened.
A few days before the trial, false allegations echoed by several prominent political conservatives spread throughout social media, and judges in this case seemingly wanted to protect Epstein’s strong friends and associates. Media coverage was banned.
While the court proceedings weren’t airing, the reporter was actually in court watching a video in the media room of another court.

Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell “served” the girl for sex to Epstein: the prosecutor

Source link Epstein: Ghislaine Maxwell “served” the girl for sex to Epstein: the prosecutor

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