English school returns spurred COVID in children, but fewer cases in adults

London: COVID-19 infections in British children increased in September after school returned from summer vacation and helped keep cases high despite a decline in adults, a large scale on Thursday. Prevalence survey showed.

The REACT-1 study, led by Imperial College London, is the latest to discover that more children are infected with COVID-19 after school reopens in early September.

The number of infections in the UK is now much higher than in other Western European countries, with over 30,000 new cases reported daily this month, but despite the high prevalence of children, UK schools have returned. After that, it hasn’t risen above summer levels.

The study found that the prevalence between the ages of 13 and 17 was 2.55% between September 9 and 27, and the prevalence between the ages of 5 and 12 was 2.32%. The prevalence of all adult age groups was estimated to be less than 1%.

The study found that the epidemic was widespread among people under the age of 17, with an estimated reproductive “R” number of 1.18. R numbers above 1 mean exponential growth, numbers less than 1 mean shrinking epidemics.

The epidemic shrank between the ages of 18 and 54, and the R number was estimated to be 0.81, but was fairly stable above the age of 55.

Approximately 90% of children over the age of 18 have been vaccinated once with the COVID-19 vaccine, but the vaccination rate for children is much lower, and extensive vaccination of children aged 12 to 15 began last month. ..

“The prevalence of school-age children in September was high and increased,” Paul Elliott, who led the study, told reporters.

“Increased vaccination in school-age children and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated adults helps reduce the likelihood of infection.”

This study aims to provide an estimate of the number of infections that is unaffected by the tendency of people to be tested for COVID symptoms.

Of the 100,527 effective cotton swabs submitted, there was an overall prevalence of 0.83%, higher than the 0.63% recorded by the July study before the cases peaked later in the month.

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English school returns spurred COVID in children, but fewer cases in adults

Source link English school returns spurred COVID in children, but fewer cases in adults

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