Elon Musk Drives Tesla Cyber ​​Truck at Next Gigafactory Texas

San Francisco: Tesla CEO Elon Musk drove at the next Gigafactory Texas, perhaps one of the company’s most anticipated vehicles.
According to Musk, he drove around the Giga Texas Complex behind the steering wheel of a Tesla cyber truck, Tesla Lati reports.
The cyber truck that Musk drove around Giga Texas appears to be the same prototype that the company announced in 2019, the report said.
He added that this was partly due to the presence of door handles, which was not present in production vehicles, according to the previous “bullying” of the mask on Twitter.

The cyber truck released in 2019 is inspired by the “Lotus Esprit S1” from the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.
It comes with 6 seats and features armored glass and ultra-strong panels made of the same alloy found on spacecraft.
In addition, the Adaptive Air Suspension System allows the driver to adjust the height of the truck for when on the highway or off-road.
The base version of the truck starts at $ 39,900, and the top-end trimotor all-wheel drive version of the cyber truck starts at $ 69,900.
Gigafactory Texas will complete its first phase by May 2021 and will begin production thereafter.
Initially, Tesla called the factory the Cyber ​​Truck Gigafactory because automakers planned to produce electric pickup trucks there. However, Tesla first planned to produce the Model Y in the factory, and the company later renamed it “Gigafactory Texas.”

Elon Musk Drives Tesla Cyber ​​Truck at Next Gigafactory Texas

Source link Elon Musk Drives Tesla Cyber ​​Truck at Next Gigafactory Texas

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