Ekta Sharma’s family makes a shocking revelation

After Ecta Sharma’s statement on the allegations against Pearl V Puri, one of her family members, Artipuri, visited her Instagram page and shared notes about the incident. She has experienced many things, writing about how Ekta had a toxic marriage for nearly a decade. Aarti continued to write shocking pen revelations. She assisted Ekta and Pearl, who were arrested for raping minors.

Aarti writes: “Dear ones, we, Ekta Sharma’s big family, want to let you know that she has had a very toxic marriage for 10 years and she hasn’t had a daughter for 2 years. Pearl V Puri, including Ekta. And hope that justice will come out soon. “

She further writes: “Ekta Sharma has long fought for her daughter’s custody, where her husband created this entire game of confusion and blame, and ultimately an evil way to damage Ekta Sharma’s reputation in front of the judiciary. I found that I have no custody of my child. “

Artie said, “She (Ecta) is completely shattered and will find the ground coming out in the open. She needs your support completely and Pearl is innocent, so she herself is a Pearl V-Puri. She also understands that pearls are unnecessarily assembled. This is one of the cheapest screenplays her husband Anil Donde has ever written. In the end, I’m sure the truth will win. “

Ekta later shared Aarti’s post on her Instagram page.

Divya Khosla Kumar also visited her Instagram page and issued a statement blaming Ekta Sharma’s husband while providing support to Pearl V Puri.

Ekta Sharma’s family makes a shocking revelation

Source link Ekta Sharma’s family makes a shocking revelation

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