Egypt revive the ancient road connecting Luxor and Karnak

Luxor, Egypt: A restored road connecting the two ancient Egyptian temples of Karnak and Luxor was announced Thursday at a gorgeous ceremony aimed at making it one of Egypt’s top tourist attractions. ..

The procession of reopening the 2.7 km (1.7 mile) road contained a reenactment of the ancient Opet Festival. At this festival, statues of the Thebes gods were paraded each year during the New Kingdom to celebrate the fertility and flooding of the Nile.

At the beginning of the ceremony, President Abdel Fatta Arsisi marched along the road. More than 400 young performers in pharaoh tanks and pharaoh costumes paraded the streets.

The 3,400-year-old road that connects the Karnak Temple to the ancient center of Luxor, also known as the Rams Road or the Sphinx Boulevard, is lined with hundreds of rams and human-headed Sphinxes. increase. Eroded or destroyed.

Since the road was discovered in 1949, some restoration work has been done, the latest one started in 2017.

Tourism is an important source of work and hard currency for Egypt, which has worked together to seduce travelers alienated by the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, 22 ancient royal mummies from Luxor and the nearby Valley of the Kings were born in a procession of Egyptian mummies paraded from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to the new National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

Tourism revenues in Egypt plummeted from $ 13 billion in 2019 to about $ 4 billion in 2020.

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Egypt revive the ancient road connecting Luxor and Karnak

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