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Jammu: In collaboration with the Government Degree University Sunderbani and the Faculty of Sociology, the Cyber ​​Jagro Kuta Club observed the “Cyber ​​Jagro Kuta Diwas” and held a series of special awareness-raising activities proposed by the Ministry of the Interior.

The event was held under the overall supervision of Principal Vandana Gupta (Dr). At this event, a poster creation contest with the theme of “Cybercrime and Safety” was held, and many students participated. This contest was held to raise awareness about cybercrime and how to deal with it.

The program was coordinated by Professor Sheraz Couser.

1st place was secured by Saloni Sharma of BA-5th Sem, 2nd place was bagged by Disha Sharma of BA-5th Sem, and 3rd place was shared by Priya Sharma 1st Sem and Ansuja of 5th Sem. The contest was judged by Dr. Mohd Azam (HOD Urdu), Professor Sham Lal (HOD Economics), Dr. Shehzad Ahmed, Professor Kuldeep Singh (HOD English), and Professor Arpana Sharma (Sanskrit).

Meanwhile, Government PG College for Women Gandhi Nagar Jammu held a series of seminars on cybercrime awareness under Cyber ​​Jaagrookta (Awareness) Diwas.

The Computer Applications Department held a seminar in collaboration with IQAC. The speaker educated the audience about cybercrime and the need to strengthen cybersecurity to prevent cybercrime. The program was sponsored by Principal Sangita Nagari (Dr.).

She praised the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Department of Higher Education J & K for implementing a program called the “Indian Cybercrime Coordination Center (14C)” to deal with cybercrime in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. She focused on holding more such awareness-raising programs on cybersecurity. “The Internet is so widely used in people’s daily lives that we need to raise awareness among students to use these platforms safely and reliably,” she added.

Earlier, Dr. Suresh Kumar Bhat, a Convener IQAC at the university, gave a welcome greeting and explained the program to students.

Well, the keynote speaker was Vikas Razdan, a cyberwarrior and cybersecurity expert.

In his talk, he discussed the dark web, cybercrime information, Inter of Things, smartphone risk, online transaction risk, social media vulnerabilities, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, cyber rights and more. The session was very interactive and was attended by both faculty and students. Actively participated and gained awareness of cybercrime and security.

This event was organized by a committee organized for Cyber ​​Jaagrokta (Awareness) Diwas. This committee included Professor Rohit Gupta (Node Officer), a member. Professor Ambica Kumari, Professor Mamta Kundal, Dr. Ashok Kumar, Professor Rajinder Kumar, Professor Poonam. The agenda of the event was held by Professor Ambika Kumari, and Professor Mamuta Kundal voted for thanks. Technical support for the event was provided by the Computer Applications Department.

Education keeps cyber-conscious days – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

Source link Education keeps cyber-conscious days – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Education News

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