Earn Rs10 Chlore in exchange for Re1 coins

If you are a hobbyist collecting old coins and banknotes, this news will be of interest to you. People make money by selling old coins because they are auctioned on many online platforms due to their huge demand.

Note that the demand for old coins of 1,2 rupees and old banknotes of 1,2,5 rupees is very high, and you can earn as much as 10 rupees by selling some of these rare old coins. please. online.

Recently, a coin of 1 rupee was auctioned for 10 rupees during an online bid. This special 1 rupee coin was issued in 1885 by the British Raj of India.

Interestingly, if you have Rs5 and Rs10 coins along with a picture of Mata Vaishno Devi, you can also make more money. These special coins were issued in 2002. Matarani’s photos are considered devout and lucky, and people are willing to spend as much as Rs 100,000 to get this coin.

Websites such as and CoinBazar help you earn Lakh and Crore in exchange for old and rare coins and banknotes.

Earn Rs10 Chlore in exchange for Re1 coins

Source link Earn Rs10 Chlore in exchange for Re1 coins

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