DU nods to admission of Kerala board student after turmoil over mark sheet

The University of Delhi (DU) has withheld more than 100 students from the Kerala Board of Directors due to mark sheet-related confusion, but the problem has been resolved after authorities contacted the Southern State Board of Directors. I said on Wednesday. With a large number of students applying for DU College from the Kerala Board, a majority of them had a perfect score, which led to a mark sheet issue on Monday instructing the university’s admissions department to direct admission to the university. bottom. on hold.

Most of these admissions took place at universities on the North Campus, sources said. According to sources, three Kerala state committees have been approved by the Indian School Board of Education (COBSE). Kerala Public Examination Board, Kerala Higher Secondary Education Commission, Vocational Higher Secondary Education Commission.

“There was confusion when some students submitted a mark sheet issued by the Department of Higher Education in Kerala. We asked the university to put these students on hold. When I contacted the people involved, I found that it was a real board and was approved by COBSE. On Tuesday, we mailed it to the university and asked to approve the pending admission. “.

Explaining the question of the mark sheet, he said that the school these students studied was probably formerly on the board of directors of Andhra Pradesh, but there was a subsequent division.

“There is a Higher Education Commission that issued a Class 10 mark sheet, but the Class 12 Commission was governed by the Higher Education Department that issued the Class 12 mark sheet. Given by the Kerara State Board of Education. When talking about markings, sources said they had class 11 and class 12 marks on their mark sheets.

“Students have a score of 92, 93, or 94 in class 11, but 100 in class 12, but the DU is not the average of the scores in class 11 and class 12, but only the score in class 12. This is because there is a rule to consider it. According to the data shared by DU, there are 4,824 applicants from the Kerala State Higher and Secondary Education Commission, most of whom have a perfect score.

Rakesh Kumar Pandey, a member of the RSS-related teacher organization National Democratic Teachers’ Front, hinted at the “conspiracy” behind a large number of applicants from the Southern States. There is no normal way to accept this mysterious flow of students from the Kerala Board. The majority of these students are not comfortable in either Hindi or English. All of these students do not have a 100 percent score in class 11, “he said in a statement.

Pandey said the DU needs to implement an entrance exam system. He called it “Mark Jihad” and was accused of commenting from the Indian Student Union (SFI). The SFI stated that the Central Secondary School Board (CBSE) and its assessment should not be a determinant of admission. DU.

“It has also been confirmed that CBSE and its methods are determinants of the concerns of other state legislatures. The left-wing student union stopped these trends in a statement and the university was comprehensive. It must be, “he said, arguing that” certain state legislatures “were discriminated against.

“DU is obliged to recognize students who meet all qualification criteria. It is a pity that applicants are discriminated against based on the board, but the efforts of applicants from these various boards are It’s the same, “said SFI, accusing Pandy of using terms such as” mark. ” Jihad “.

“Universities need to introduce mechanisms that can clarify questions about the various boards, their syllabuses, the distribution and calculation of marks, rather than endangering applicants … We hope to issue the necessary orders to facilitate the admission process for secondary school students. “

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DU nods to admission of Kerala board student after turmoil over mark sheet

Source link DU nods to admission of Kerala board student after turmoil over mark sheet

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