Dr. Lal PathLabs is working with Ibex to deploy AI-powered cancer diagnosis in India

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Dr. Larpas Lab deploys Galen ™ platform to support pathologists in real time with multi-organization AI-driven insights

Dr. LalPath Labs and Ibex Medical Analytics have announced the first rollout of an AI platform in India to help pathologists during routine cancer diagnosis and improve the quality and duration of cancer screening.

Pathologists play an important role in the detection and diagnosis of disease, and their assessment is essential to reach the correct treatment decision by the oncologist. However, increasing prevalence of cancer and advances in personalized medicine have increased the complexity of diagnosis and significantly increased the workload of pathologists. As pathologists move to digital solutions today, pathologists can implement AI-enhanced workflows to improve the quality and efficiency of cancer diagnosis and improve patient care. ..

Ibex’s AI technology and Philips’ IntelliSite pathology solution have shown impressive performance across multiple clinical studies and in actual clinical deployments in Europe and the United States. This partnership represents an ongoing journey to find the most innovative products to assist patients and physicians.

Stuart Shand, Chief Commercial Officer of Ibex Medical Analytics, said: We are pleased to work with Philips and Dr. Lal Path Labs to help pathologists provide highly accurate and rapid diagnoses that can directly affect a patient’s prognosis. Artificial intelligence is becoming the new standard for cancer treatment. This is the vision we have adopted. “

Ibex’s Galen platform helps pathologists improve the quality of cancer diagnostics, implement real-time quality control, reduce diagnostic times and increase productivity. The platform has recently been granted a breakthrough device designation by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is CE marked in Europe for breast and prostate cancer detection in multiple workflows. Galen has already shown excellent results in clinical research, is being deployed in laboratories around the world, and is used as part of routine clinical practice.

With the addition of Ibex’s Galen platform, Dr Lal Pathlabs pathologists will benefit from automated clinical-grade AI insights into multiple types of tissue, providing quality diagnostics with shorter turnaround times. Supports.

Dr. Reena Nakra, Principal Director of Lab Management and Technical Excellence, said: The insights generated by these AIs include streamlined reporting tools that enable cancer heatmaps, tumor grading and measurement, and digital assistance to tumor pathologists. “

Dr. Lal PathLabs is working with Ibex to deploy AI-powered cancer diagnosis in India

Source link Dr. Lal PathLabs is working with Ibex to deploy AI-powered cancer diagnosis in India

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