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New Delhi: Today, Dr. Hirschwaldan of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare held a video conference at the World Indian Medical Conference hosted by the World Indian Medical Association (GAPIO).

Since its founding in 2011, Dr. Harsh Vardhan has sought to bring together 1.4 million doctors from India around the world on a single platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, skills and research, GAPIO. Thanks to the talent and ability of Indian physicians who have made a remarkable contribution to this association in various medical fields around the world.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan praised the contributions of healthcare professionals in the fight against the pandemic of COVID-19, saying: He was a defender of mankind and saved mankind when he was looking at an existential crisis. We pay tribute to their courage, courage, and selflessness to serve society. There are not enough words to thank all the Corona warriors who have endangered their lives to save the lives of others. It is unfortunate for me and a great personal loss for many to die during this period. In this regard, federal ministers also have a global Indian physician COVID-19 to continuously share their knowledge and experience to reach the best possible approach to the management of COVID-19. We paid attention to GAPIO’s efforts to establish a collaborative.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan took this opportunity to highlight the government’s efforts to control the COVID-19 pandemic. “India was able to work well with various parameters related to COVID 19 as a result of a preemptive, aggressive and step-by-step approach. We have the lowest mortality and highest recovery in the world. “We continue to maintain one of the rates.” In this regard, he also said, “Even if all attention is paid to the management of COVID 19, the government will ensure the continuity of the other essentials.” We didn’t lose sight of it. Healthcare services. In this regard, the use of technologies such as various policy interventions and telemedicine services played an important role. Our eSanjeevani platform has millions of doctors in a short period of time. I have recorded the patient’s examination. “

The Minister of Health also mentioned the contributions of scientists. “Our scientists are doing very well 24 hours a day to provide two domestically produced vaccines approved for emergency use in India. The world’s largest vaccine drive is underway in the country. Yes, and more than one dose has already been administered, and we are making rapid progress. “” It is India, often referred to as the world’s pharmacies, that surprisingly supports our amazing talents and abilities. It is now emerging as the world’s COVID19 vaccine production hub, “he added.

In detail of the work underway within the ministry, he said: The establishment of the National Medical Commission, the Nursing Commission Bill, and the National Committee for Related Medical Professional Bills embodies a new mindset. There are ambitious plans to expand India’s medical colleges and renovate the medical infrastructure. We are constantly working to revolutionize the domestic healthcare delivery mechanism. “

Dr. Harsh Vardhan also said that all efforts of the Government of India can greatly benefit from the support and support of associations such as GAPIO. He added that facilitating the exchange of ideas and knowledge not only helps to develop best practices, but also facilitates their implementation, which ultimately benefits society.

Federal ministers congratulated all the GAPIO Award winners on their outstanding achievements and concluded their speech in the hope of the success of the Global Indian Medical Conference.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan Addresses Global Indian Medical Conference-India Education, Education News India, Education News

Source link Dr. Harsh Vardhan Addresses Global Indian Medical Conference-India Education, Education News India, Education News

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