“Don’t spread hatred to win the election.”

Actor Kangana Larnout submitted a FIR to those threatening to kill her in a recent controversial statement about the Khalistan. The actress informed the same by writing a long note in Hindi on Instagram, along with her photo at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. The photo also shows my sister Rangoli Chandel and my mother Asha Larnout.

Kangana also urged Interim Speaker Sonia Gandhi to instruct the Prime Minister of Punjab to take immediate action in this regard. Kangana writes about her remarks as follows: “Remembering the martyr of the terrorist attack in Mumbai, I wrote that I should never forgive or forget the traitor. In this kind of incident, the country’s internal traitor is reaching out. The traitor is Mother India. He never left the opportunity to hurt for money, sometimes for status and power. Domestic traitors continued to support rebels in plots, causing such incidents.

She continued. “I’m constantly threatened by the destructive forces in this post. I threatened that the Bathinda brothers would openly kill me. I’m not afraid of these types of threats. I’m not afraid. Talk to and always talk to those who are plotting against the country and the terrorist army. Naxalite kills innocent Jawan, Tukde Tukdegang and terrorists sitting abroad Punjab in the 1980s Even if you dreamed of cutting down the state’s Gurus sanctuary to create a calistan. “

In support of her comment, Kangana further states: I would also like to remind the Speaker of the Assembly, Smt. You are also a woman, Sonia Ji, and your mother-in-law Indira Gandhi Ji fought this terrorism hard until the last moment.

“Elections are going to take place in Punjab. That’s why some people use my words out of context. If something happens in the future, only those who do hatred and rhetoric politics are responsible. increase.

It is a humble request for them not to spread their hatred to anyone with their political ambitions to win the election. “

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“Don’t spread hatred to win the election.”

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