Does actress Mehendi cost Rs1 Lakh?

The actors remain dignified on this issue, but with each passing day, new details about the wedding rumors of Vicky Kaushall and Katrina Kaif come in. Currently, there are reports that Sojat Mehndi from Paris in Jodhpur will be sent to the actress on her special day. And if those reports go by, the bride’s wedding Mehendi is worth Rs 10,000. BollywoodLife reported that a sample of Mehendi had already been sent to the actress and that Mehendi did not contain any chemicals. It was created manually and the report further states.

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Portal also reported that henna-making businessmen would not receive money from Vicky and Katrina.

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaifal are reportedly preparing for their wedding in Rajasthan next month, which is why the actress is reportedly absent from work. Rumored factories have been spinning over the past few weeks in the claim that the duo have decided to take their relationship to the next level by hitchhiking.

Now, according to the latest report, sources close to Katrina say the rumored couple will get married in court in Mumbai next week before heading to Rajasthan for an elaborate wedding at an exotic resort near Lanternball. I told Life. According to the duo’s best friend, two weddings are planned in Rajasthan.

Speculation about their imminent wedding went wild after Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushall were discovered together at the office of celebrity manager Reshma Shetty in Diwali. They reportedly held a loca ceremony at the Diwali Festival at Kabir Khan’s house. It was reportedly an intimate relationship only with the close family members on the side of the couple. The ceremony was attended by Katrina’s mother, Susanne Turcoet, her sister Isabel Kaif and Vicky’s parents, Siam Kaushall and Veena Kaushall, and their siblings Sunny Kaushall.

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Does actress Mehendi cost Rs1 Lakh?

Source link Does actress Mehendi cost Rs1 Lakh?

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