DNA Monopoly: “I’ve been bathing people in gas lights”: “Scerni” actor Vidia Balan

Actor Vidya Balan is ready to bark into the hearts of the audience with his next “Sherni,” which will be released on Amazon Prime Video on June 18.

In an exclusive interview with DNA, Vidia talked about her role in inheriting the premise of the film’s human-animal conflict and the idea of ​​patriarchy, but she also talked about her character in the film as well. , The gas light hit even in real life.

She admits she didn’t even know the meaning of the word until a few years ago, but now she knows, so the moment someone feels she’s illuminating her with a gas lamp, she avoids him and says, “You Can’t get operational people to change ”

When Vidia is asked if she’s in the gaslight in real life, she sees her character experiencing something in the trailer. “Of course, I’m in the gaslights from people. I think it’s time to trust someone, or when someone trusts someone. When you trust someone, when they are illuminated by the gaslight. It’s hard to tell what it happened to me. I didn’t even know what a gas lamp was until a few years ago, and now I know it, so I know it well. It feels like someone is illuminating me with a gas lamp, and I just avoid that person because you can’t change the operational people. “

Like her character Vidya Vincent in the trailer, she was also told to look and dress in a particular way, Vidya replied. What to wear, what to weigh, and all of that, it’s very annoying. It used to bother me, but it stopped bothering me. And when it stopped bothering me, people stopped talking. ”

“But I have to say that my mother didn’t give up on wearing jewelry,” she jokingly added.

Regarding her role in the film, Vidia said, “She challenges the idea of ​​patriarchy without being clear. She has few words, is shy, is quiet and prone to withdrawal, and is less involved with people. I don’t want to, so she’s not the brave person who says “what a courage” that a powerful person, especially an authorized person, can expect to speak in a particular tone, but she isn’t. There is none. That’s why Scerni isn’t just a roarer, he doesn’t have to. Quiet and discreet, anyone can be. Scerni, so I think each of us is Scerni. “

DNA Monopoly: “I’ve been bathing people in gas lights”: “Scerni” actor Vidia Balan

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