Director of National Intelligence says China is the biggest threat to the United States

Washington: China poses the greatest threat to the United States and other free worlds since World War II, Secretary of State John Ratcliffe said Thursday as the Trump administration stepped up anti-China rhetoric and Joe Biden. Beijing said it would put severe pressure on the president.

The intelligence is clear. Beijing intends to dominate the United States and other planets economically, militarily, and technically, Ratcliffe wrote in an editorial published Thursday in The Wall Street Journal. Many of China’s major public initiatives and prominent companies provide only a layer of camouflage to the activities of the Chinese Communist Party.

I call that approach the robbery, duplication, and replacement of economic espionage, “Ratcliffe said. China robs US companies of their intellectual property, replicates technology and replaces US companies in the global market.

Trump administration officials have stepped up anti-Chinese rhetoric for months, especially during the presidential election, as President Donald Trump sought to divert criticism of its spread. Coronavirus .. In the course of the campaign, Trump warned that Biden would be easier in China, but President-elect agreed that China did not comply with international trade rules, unfairly subsidizing Chinese companies and innovating the United States. Stealing.

Once Trump regime that boasts Xi Jinping president and the warm relationship of China, Taiwan, Tibet, trade, has strengthened the sanctions against Hong Kong, China to the South China Sea. He opposed Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and called for restrictions on Chinese social media applications such as TikTok and WeChat.

The Chinese embassy in the United States did not respond to requests for comment on Ratcliffe’s editorial, but China has routinely denied many of these claims in the past.

Trump’s loyalist, Ratcliffe, who has been accused of politicizing his position, has been the country’s highest intelligence official since May. In his editorial, he did not directly mention the transition to the Biden administration. Trump does not allow him to lose the election.

Ratcliffe said he had shifted funds within the $ 85 billion annual intelligence budget to address the threat from China. He said Beijing is preparing for an unlimited conflict with the United States that must be dealt with.

This is a once-in-a-generation challenge for our generation. From defeating the tragedy of fascism to knocking down the Iron Curtain, Americans have always stood up at that moment, Ratcliffe wrote, appearing to be calling on future intelligence officials to take action.

Biden has announced that he wants the Senate to confirm that former CIA Deputy Secretary Avril Haynes will replace Ratcliffe as the next Director of National Intelligence.

This generation will be judged by responding to China’s efforts to reshape the world with its own image and replace the United States as the dominant superpower, “Ratcliffe wrote.

He quoted some examples of China’s invasion of the United States:

The Justice Department has charged more and more US scholars for transferring intellectual property funded by US taxpayers to China.

He was convicted of China-based wind turbine maker Sinoval stealing corporate secrets from US-based maker AMSC, formerly known as American Superconductor Inc, and was fined heavily. Citing the case of being fined, he mentioned the theft of intellectual property from a US company. Sinovel plans to steal AMSC’s own wind turbine technology instead of paying AMSC for more than $ 800 million of products and services agreed to purchase, losing nearly 700 jobs and more than $ 1 billion States that it has lost its shareholders’ equity. Ministry of Justice.

Ratcliffe and other U.S. officials said China stole sensitive U.S. defense technology to promote Xi’s aggressive military modernization program, and Beijing to Chinese technology companies such as Huawei. Users around the world who claim to use access to collect information, disrupt communications, and threaten their privacy.

Mr Ratcliffe said he personally explained to parliamentarians how China uses mediators to lawmakers to influence legislation.

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Director of National Intelligence says China is the biggest threat to the United States

Source link Director of National Intelligence says China is the biggest threat to the United States

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