Dilip Kumar leaves the hospital and friend Faisal Faruki thanks fans for “prayer”

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar, who was hospitalized on June 6 for shortness of breath, was discharged from Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.

In a tweet about Friday’s legendary star’s official Twitter handle, his family friend Faisalfaruki wrote: Parker, Dr. Arun Shah, and the entire Hinduja Karl team. “

Look at the tweets here:

Kumar, who was admitted to PD Hinduja Hospital in Kerr, Mumbai on Sunday for breathing problems, was later diagnosed with bilateral pleural effusion. He was in the ICU ward regarding oxygen support.

On Monday, the doctor assured him that he was recovering and would be discharged soon. Dr. Jalil Parker, a pulmonologist treating an actor in a suburban hospital, said, “Dilip Kumar’s health is improving and his shortness of breath is lessened, but he continues to provide oxygen support. I have received it. “

At the beginning of Sunday, Dr. Parker confirmed that the actor’s condition is now stable, saying, “His condition is now stable. He is in the ICU but is not on ventilator. I. They are doing their best to make him act quickly. He will recover and go home. “

Prior to that, Kumar’s wife, Sila Banu, used social media to write an up-to-date open letter to everyone about Dilip Kumar’s health, encouraging fans not to believe in rumors about her husband’s death.

“For the past few days, my beloved husband, Sahab Khan, has been sick and recovering at a hospital in Mumbai. Through this memo, keep him in your prayers and give him all the love and affection. I would like to thank everyone who has been in good health with my husband, my Kohinol, Dilip Kumar Sahab, and the doctor has assured me that he will be discharged soon. ” She is writing

She also shared a photo of the hospital’s Dilip Kumar, which spread by word of mouth within minutes.

Superstars have been suffering from age-related health problems in recent years. Last month, a 98-year-old actor was admitted to the same hospital for two days for several routine medical examinations and tests.

Known as the “King of Tragedy” in Bollywood, Kumar has a career spanning more than 60 years. He has appeared in more than 65 films in his career, including films such as “Davedas” (1955), “Naya Daul” (1957), “Mughal-Emperor Empire” (1960), and “Ganga Jamna”. Known for its iconic role in. (1961), “Kranti” (1981), and “Karma” (1986).

Dilip Kumar leaves the hospital and friend Faisal Faruki thanks fans for “prayer”

Source link Dilip Kumar leaves the hospital and friend Faisal Faruki thanks fans for “prayer”

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