Diesel price violation Rs.100 / liter mark for the first time in Mumbai

In Mumbai, diesel broke through the rupee. The 100 mark is currently retailed at Rs. 100.29 per liter after pulling up 37 paisa while petrol is touching rupees. 109.83 per liter.

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Gasoline and diesel prices are now at record highs nationwide.

Domestic fuel prices have been raised nationwide for the fifth consecutive day. With the latest revision, gasoline and diesel were loved at 30 Paisa and 35 Paisa, respectively, and set a new record high in the capital city of Delhi. According to the details on the Indian Oil Corporation website, the price of gasoline in Delhi is £ 103.84 per liter and the price of diesel is £ 92.47 per liter. Fuel prices vary from state to state and depend on the value-added tax (VAT) imposed by the state government.

Read again: Fuel prices have risen for the fourth straight day.Diesel Violation £ 100 Mark Internet


In Delhi, the price of gasoline reached £ 103.84 per liter, while the price of diesel was £ 92.47 per liter.

The prices for gasoline and diesel in the six major metros on October 9, 2021 are as follows:

city gasoline diesel
Delhi £ 103.84 £ 92.47
Mumbai £ 109.83 £ 100.29
Chennai £ 101.27 £ 96.93
Kolkata £ 104.52 £ 95.58
Bangalore £ 107.46 £ 98.15
Hyderabad £ 108.02 £ 100.51

In Mumbai, after raising 37 Paisa, diesel broke through the currently retailed £ 100 at £ 100.29 per liter. Gasoline, on the other hand, has skyrocketed 29 pace and now costs £ 109.83 per liter. Similar fuel price increases have been seen in other large cities. In Chennai, gasoline prices increased by 26 paisas from £ 101.01 per liter to £ 101.27 per liter, while diesel increased by 33 paisas to £ 96.93 per liter. Kolkata’s gasoline and diesel prices reached £ 104.52 per liter and £ 95.58 per liter, respectively. Bangalore customers have to pay £ 107.46 per liter for gasoline and £ 98.15 per liter for diesel. In Hyderabad, gasoline prices have reached £ 108.02 per liter and diesel prices have reached £ 100.89 per liter.


Mumbai Gasoline and Diesel Prices Rise 29 Paisa and 37 Paisa, respectively

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Fuel prices remain the highest in the Sri Ganganagar district of Rajasthan. Vehicle owners have to pay £ 115.86 per liter and diesel costs £ 106.48 per liter. Immediately behind are the Anuppur and Lewa districts of Madhya Pradesh, where gasoline reaches £ 115.20 per liter and £ 114.80 per liter, and diesel sells for £ 104.15 and £ 103.78, respectively. Fuel prices in the Parbhani district of Maharashtra reached £ 112.39 per liter and £ 101.21 per liter, respectively. Bhopal customers are required to pay £ 112.38 per liter and £ 101.54 per liter for gasoline and diesel, respectively.

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Diesel price violation Rs.100 / liter mark for the first time in Mumbai

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