“Destabilization” Russia talks about inheritance by President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the story of his candidate for successor “destabilized” the country’s political system and he had not yet made any plans for his future.

Putin, 69, did not say in an interview with CNBC whether he would stay in the Kremlin after 2024, the end of his current and second consecutive presidential term.

“Talking about this makes things volatile,” he told a US television channel in an overnight interview.

“In order for power and state structures to function confidently and to look calmly into the future, the situation must be safe and stable,” Putin added.

Putin, who has been in power as president or prime minister for more than 20 years, said he has not yet made a decision, noting that he may run for the president again legally.

“I don’t want to answer these questions. I have enough time before the next election,” he said.

Russian officials last year adopted a constitutional amendment that would allow Putin to retain power until 2036, and have since released historic crackdowns on opposition and independent media.

Opposition parties have criticized the constitutional law for planning to become a “lifetime officer” for President Putin.

However, some political experts do not deny that Putin may be preparing to resign in the near future, pointing out that the signs of conflict between the elite are doubling.

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“Destabilization” Russia talks about inheritance by President Vladimir Putin

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