Denied to wear shorts, the girl wrapped up a curtain and took agricultural admission

In a strange incident, a female student was denied entry to the exam hall in the Tezpur district of Assam because she wore shorts to the exam center. Authorities claim that the shorts do not match the “test or facility decoration” laid.

“I arrived in Tezpur from my hometown at 10:30. After refreshing at my relatives’ house, I arrived at the test center on time. After regular checks, they took me to the gate. I went upstairs with the exam room. I had all the credentials I needed to carry, such as Adhar cards and Admit cards, but they still let me stand aside. I asked. When I asked him why, he said that short dresses were prohibited. “

“I was wondering why I couldn’t wear shorts. There is no norm mentioned in the code’s admin card. They said it was common sense. I told that person he denied. I asked my dad to talk to me. I asked my dad to give me full pants. I had to take the exam urgently and my dad was taking a long time. They turned back to me. He gave me a curtain to write the exam, “the student told

The Girijananda Choudhury Institute Pharmaceutical Sciences in Tezpur was one of the centers of agricultural entrance exams on late Thursday. The test was conducted by the institution for a period of 2 hours. Anonymous agency officials said the agency was not involved in the blunder and the tests were conducted by the agency, not the agency.

“She was in tears when her daughter called me. The time was short and the market was far from getting full pants with such a sudden notice. To get to her. It took 30 minutes. By then they gave her a curtain and looked back. It was nothing more than torturing her daughter minutes before an important exam. Of the 200 questions she had 148. I’ve tried the question. I’ve never faced this humiliation. It’s safe to wear shorts to the exam center, “says the girl’s father.

Udi Pona Goswami, a young Assam expert working for a multinational corporation, said: I sympathize with those who judge a woman’s individuality by the length of the dress. Certainly, their range of thought is pathetic. “

Many male students wear shorts or shorts when appearing on the state civil service exam, but that was a problem if women chose to wear comfortable ones at the exam center. Right to clothing is also recognized in Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. He added that the harassment of this young woman was clearly a violation of human rights and freedom of expression conferred by Article 14 of the Indian Constitution.

Runa Bhuyan, an advocate of the Assam Supreme Court, said: Think about the trauma that a girl must experience because of such an absurdity of authority. It is hardly reflected in the spirit of our society. We make high claims about gender equality, but the reality is undoubtedly very disappointing. Not only is it unethical because the particular exam in which this girl appeared does not have a dress code, but it is actually illegal as part of her authority to ask her that she is wearing shorts.

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Denied to wear shorts, the girl wrapped up a curtain and took agricultural admission

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