Delnaaz Irani believes she is “too late” to become a mother

After a 10-day fight against the coronavirus, actress Delnaaz Irani was negative. On January 1, the actress was diagnosed with the virus and was “disappointed.” In a recent interview, “I cried like a baby the first time I knew it. There were a lot of people at the beginning. The negativeness of my heart when I did a positive test, but the scolding encouragement of Percy (Calcaria, partner). And all the love I received turned all the negatives into positives. “

The actor returned on Wednesday with a box of sweets to her TV show set, Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Se. I had the best cast and crew and they followed me up and I missed me, “screams Irani.

In daily soap, Irani plays Golibua, the mother of her niece and her own childless. Irani once wanted a child, so he’s involved with the character at an intimate level.

“I definitely wanted to be a mother. I wanted (at least) one child. But I didn’t mean to do that. Today I say the same thing No. It’s biologically too late (for me to be a mother). We’re not ready to hire either, so we’re not even thinking about those policies. At one point I wanted to be a mother. But I don’t even think about it now, “says Irani.

When asked if they would like to take advantage of surrogacy, Big Boss contestants answered no. “No, at this stage of life I think we are very happy with each other so far. We (Percy and I) have enough nephews and nieces for my mother and father. That’s me. It’s like a show they’re doing, and they’re a handful, so we give them as much love as possible. “

Delnaaz Irani plays an important role in the new show “Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey”. After a brief appearance in “Chhoti Sarrdaarni,” she acknowledges the show’s achievements by breaking her image and allowing her to play a non-comical role.

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Delnaaz Irani believes she is “too late” to become a mother

Source link Delnaaz Irani believes she is “too late” to become a mother

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