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New Delhi: Thursday’s High Court of Delhi is undoubtedly that the AAP government, which is considering the Commission’s recommendations on Covid-19, will take an active role in dealing with pandemics and post-viral complications. Stated. I live in the capital of the country.

After perusing the status report submitted by the Government of Delhi, Judges Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli made observations and “actively” recommended the expert advisors, including providing telemedicine to those suffering from post-Covid health problems. We are considering it. “

The Commission also recommended the establishment of post-Covid-19 follow-up clinics already functioning at major hospitals in Delhi from mid-October 2020 at other Covid designated hospitals.

Satyakam, an additional permanent lawyer for the Government of Delhi, told Bench that the recommendations were being actively considered and appropriate decisions would be made promptly.

The status report also emphasizes aggressive testing and states that testing and follow-up strategies have helped keep the positive rate of infection below 1%.

He also told the court that testing and tracking momentum would continue in the national capital.

After perusing the status report, Bench said, “To ensure that the Government of Delhi will deal with all the contingencies that arise due to Covid and post-Covid complications to save the precious. There is no doubt that we will act positively. The life of the citizens of Delhi. “

The court further observed that the daily number of fresh Covid-19 cases reported was significantly lower than at the peak of infection.

The vaccination program is scheduled to begin next week, and reports indicate that large-scale arrangements have been made to ensure the full deployment of the vaccination process.

“Given the status quo, we believe the petition has served its purpose, so there is no need to hold it any further,” Bench said.

However, he added that the parties are free to notify the court upon application in the event of future problems.

By observation, Bench disposes of a petition by lawyer Rakesh Malhotra, who was moved when the pandemic occurred.

Malhotra’s PIL has been submitted for an increase in the number of Covid-19 tests in the capital, with rapid results.

The court stated that all parties to the matter participated in a non-hostile manner and that the orders given were “received and acted upon by the authorities in the spirit they were supposed to be.”

“The order passed by this court and its implementation have saved the lives of many citizens of Delhi, and they have been able to successfully escape the pandemic tragedy,” the court said.

Bench on December 23, last year, Delhi to assemble a standard operating procedure (SOP) to address post-Covid-19 complications associated with the lungs and other important organs of people who have recovered from coronavirus infection. I instructed the government.

After Malhotra told the court that there should be some SOPs to manage post-Covid-19 complications in people who recovered from the infection, this order was given by Judge Hima Kori and Sabramonium Prasad. Issued by a judge.

He told the bench that those who have recovered from Covid-19 infection continue to face serious health problems and find it difficult to return to normal life.

Bench then instructed an expert committee already formed by the Government of Delhi to consider the aforementioned aspects and devise a widely published SOP.

Delhi High Court, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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