Declining diesel?This is the electrification of Mercedes-Benz

New Delhi: Mercedes-Benz India continues to be the only luxury car manufacturer to manufacture and sell diesel vehicles here. A source from top bystanders on the sidelines of future full-scale retailing said India’s path to electrification is determined by law, customer preferences and the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability.
With EQC, Mercedes-Benz was the first luxury car maker to introduce a fully electric vehicle in India. Globally, the German company has promised an investment of € 40 billion, aiming to be ready for electricity by the end of the decade.
“EQC is overwhelmingly enthusiastic. We welcome new players. This is a great sign and we are encouraging more electric cars to be introduced soon,” said Mercedes-Benz Twindia Sales and Santosh Iyer, Vice President of Marketing, said.
“We are not the deciding person,” Iyer said of the fate of the diesel drivetrain. “The transition to electrification is driven by law and customer preference. We are working on our sustainability goals and are ready to serve more electric vehicles as the market matures. “Iyer said.
Mercedes-Benz India introduced the “Future Retail” (ROTF) business model on Friday. This will allow the company to sell cars directly to its customers. The ROTF beta phase began in June and has so far won 1,700 unit customer reservations.
Mercedes-Benz India claims that ROTF sets the best prices and provides national inventory visibility and complete transparency of the purchasing process. This process results in zero inventory and the franchise partner is no longer responsible.
ROTF is processed in either online or offline mode, and transactions are carried out in five stages: quotation, order reservation, order confirmation, billing, and delivery.
German automakers have pumped Rs 170 billion to implement ROTF and have so far collected 1,700 units worth Rs 85 billion.

Declining diesel?This is the electrification of Mercedes-Benz

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