Crown Prince Abu Dhabi honors Indian businessman Yushuali for Best Private Sector

Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the UAE Army Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Arnahan recognizes Indian businessman Yusufari MA and 11 other individuals for their noble and philanthropic contributions to the community Did. Yusufari, 65, chairman and managing director of the Lulu Group, which is based in Abu Dhabi and operates large supermarkets and retailers in many countries, was honored by the Crown Prince on Friday.

Sheikh Mohammed continues that UAE values ​​reflect the deep beliefs of the founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al-Nahyan, who believed in the kindness, humanity and generosity of the people. Said. And today, we celebrate the 12 extraordinary individuals who choose to practice these values ​​daily through their noble and philanthropic work, strengthening our country and our communities. Khaleej Times has been honored for its wide range of contributions, including healthcare efforts, community services and volunteering, humanitarian activities, culture, heritage and environmental protection.

The award given at the 10th edition of the Abu Dhabi Ward in Qasr Alhosun, a historic building and the oldest stone building in Abu Dhabi, is a compassionate effort to spread and serve good. It is a tribute to an individual. community. The Lulu Group said in a statement that Yusufari, born in Kerala, was awarded a prestigious award for his significant contributions to Abu Dhabi’s business, industry and various philanthropic activities.

“It’s a very proud and moving moment in my life. I was really overwhelmed and humbled to receive such a great honor from Abu Dhabi, where I have lived for the past 47 years,” he said. Said after receiving. “On December 31, 1973, I arrived in the UAE with new dreams and hopes. I arrived here with many ups and downs and various challenges. Take this opportunity to take this foresight. I am deeply grateful for the leadership of the Great Country, especially His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyang, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

“Whatever I am today, thanks to the support and prayers of the expatriate community, including the rulers of the great country and my fellow Indian brothers and sisters, I dedicate this honor to them,” Yusufari said. Told. He is the only Indian of the 12 prominent individuals who received honor this year.

The Abu Dhabi Award is an initiative of the Government of Abu Dhabi that recognizes and honors individuals who are selfless and dedicated to supporting and contributing to the development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Yusufari, recently ranked as the wealthiest Indian in the Middle East on the Forbes Millionaires List 2021, is considered the most influential Indian in the Middle East due to its close proximity to Gulf rulers, according to a statement. I will.

During the current COVID-19 period, Yusfari donated more than Rs 5 billion, including Rs 2.5 billion to PM Cares Fund, Rs 1 billion to Prime Minister Kerara’s Relief Fund and Rs 500 million to UP Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. He said he dedicated Karol to the Haryana Prime Minister’s Relief Fund and various social and cultural organizations in the Middle East that provided assistance and support to the needy Indians. Lulu Group, one of the top retailers in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has more than 200 large supermarkets and supermarkets in the Gulf countries, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia and India, with more than 58,000 people from different countries. Hire and have logistics. Among other things, we have centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, South Africa, Egypt and Thailand.

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Crown Prince Abu Dhabi honors Indian businessman Yushuali for Best Private Sector

Source link Crown Prince Abu Dhabi honors Indian businessman Yushuali for Best Private Sector

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