Cricket players who chose to prioritize mental health over sports

Mental health; In the world of sports, especially cricket and team sports, there was a time when I hadn’t heard much about this term. But over the last few years, players have inspired the courage to talk about their struggle. Ben Stokes, now one of the best all-ruders in the world, has left the game indefinitely to prioritize mental health. Because of this, he will also miss the Indian test, which is scheduled to begin on August 4.

Cricketnext looks for cricketers who prioritize mental health over games.

Marcus Tresco Chic

Former England Opener Trescosic is one of the famous names who chose to talk about his mental health. It was at the peak of his career that he faced such problems. During his 2006 tour of India, he decided to return and later revealed his fight against depression. After that, he quit international cricket because of his condition.

Jonathan Trott

Trot, one of Britain’s best test buttsmen, also struggled with mental health issues at the peak of his career. He left Ashes 2013 in the meantime, citing a “long-standing stress-related” condition as the reason for his decision. He tried to make a comeback on the county circuit, but couldn’t do much there due to anxiety issues and quit.

Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor, the winner of the 2009 T20 World Cup and the 2017 World Cup, was probably the best keeper batter in England when she quit to fight mental health issues. She took quite a break throughout her career and finally hung her boots because of anxiety.


The next big thing is advertised as Australian cricket, and young people have been suffering from mental health problems for a very long time. Even before he represented Australia, right-handed hitters were opening up the struggle of life. In 2019, during a series with Pakistan, he withdrew his name when he was almost certain to be chosen.

Glen Maxwell

Maxwell, one of the best power hitters in the world, took a short break from cricket in 2019. However, he quickly returned to action and performed well in the Big Bash League and Australia’s T20. He showed a lot of power from Director Justin Langer and tapped his back.


He is a classic case of “what was done”. He was certainly one of the most talented spinners in India as well as in the world. Maninder Singh’s career ended when many peaked. In an interview, he revealed that he drank alcohol without help.

Andrew Flintov

Ace’s all-rounder talked about his problem in a BBC documentary. He also said that there were times when he didn’t feel out of bed. The loss of ash in 2006-07 drove Flintov to alcoholism and depression.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli didn’t score in the 2014 England series. At a press conference in 2019, he admitted that he couldn’t go anywhere in a calm time. “To be honest, I didn’t feel sick mentally. I don’t know how it will be done, so I want to get away from the game,” he said.

Sachin Tendulkar

Considered the best batter in the world, Tendallkar talked about dealing with pressure. He also opened up about how he suffered anxiety during the 10-12 years of his playing career. “I was anxious for 10-12 years and had a lot of sleepless nights before the match. Then I started accepting that it was part of my preparation. Then I couldn’t sleep at night. Reconciled with time. I want to start something to calm my mind. “

Daniel Sams

Samus first played in Australia on the T20I with India in December 2020. Before that he had a great Big Bash League. However, he struggled with mental health issues before reaching his full potential and is still away from cricket.

Susie Bates

Former New Zealand skipper Bates suffers from mental health problems and has famously said that “cricket is the worst sport for mental health.” Kiwi was the last to play on the team in 2020.

Pravine Kumar

A former Indian bowler has opened up about how he wants to end his life after a short battle with the Indian team. In the interview, he also talked about feeling lonely. Later, he also revealed that the tough times were plagued him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t return to the Indian team.

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Cricket players who chose to prioritize mental health over sports

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