Credit Nirvana, AI-based debt management platform, announces pre-series A funding

CreditNirvanaBangalore-based fintech startup, which provides an AI-driven debt management platform and digital collection services, has raised an undisclosed amount of pre-Series A funding from institutional investors in New York, USA.

Raj MKK, co-founder of Credit Nirvana

CreditNirvana is working with Fortune 500 financial institutions and midsize companies to process more than 4 million customers and approximately $ 5 billion in existing accounts receivable, which will contribute to the global expansion of CreditNirvana’s market. It is expected to do.

The company leverages the extensive use of unconventional data from a variety of alternative sources to run digital-first personalized debt management services through a proven AI platform, an Ai algorithm-driven end-to-end debt management platform. And provide services. The platform not only anticipates and anticipates overdue, but also automatically performs personalized follow-up actions with customers via a multilingual AI conversation engine.

“”We aim to become a global leader in the redefinition and transformation of debt management practices by shifting the focus from reactive, manual collection practices to algorithmic, digitally driven proactive operations. The traditional behavioral scorecard-based debt collection process using a simple statistical model is responsive, and approaching debt collection in the traditional way usually results in a cumulative default and a surge in non-performing loans. We aim to transform this experience with large amounts of unstructured data and machine learning to deliver successful results that have proven to be effective in the interests of both lenders and borrowers.Raj, co-founder of Credit Nirvana..

He added:We provide our customers with considerable value in a very short period of time. It’s no exaggeration to say that CreditNirvana is light-years ahead of traditional debt management practices tested and validated by various marquee clients around the world... “

CreditNirvana displays a variety of features and services such as ML-driven early warning engine, loan monitoring engine, robo collection engine, algorithm-driven collection and legal management system. The most popular system offered by the company is RoboCollect. This is a feature that enables continuous customer engagement through your preferred communication channels, languages, dates and times.

CreditNirvana was founded by Raj MKK, Raj Partha and Vijay Anand and is made up of Ivy League graduates and entrepreneurs. The main motivation behind the establishment is to transform traditional debt management practices by focusing on the entire life cycle of customers leveraging unconventional data and digital technology. As progress and adaptability increase, the company aims to broaden its boundaries through its global expansion program and continue to provide effective and sophisticated debt collection.

Credit Nirvana, AI-based debt management platform, announces pre-series A funding

Source link Credit Nirvana, AI-based debt management platform, announces pre-series A funding

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