Creativity and Responsibility Accident-Young Talent “Artist The Muzafar”

The universe is his canvas and the soul is his paintbrush. That explains this young talent of 25 years old from Jammu. His creativity is an extended gift of his modest, passive and friendly behavior. Instagram influencer, model and tattoo artist Muzafar is a bespoke talented man who admires that beauty is inspirational.

Models, tattoo artists, sketchers, painters, graphic designers, editors and filmmakers are some of the many feathers of his talented hat. Muzafar started his career as a model that gained fame through his Instagram account. In addition to his good looks, attractive fashion sense and muscular frame, Muzafar is considered to have a well-founded belief that “work is a better introduction than words”. His Instagram usually reflects his sense of fashion and style, modeling shoots, images and videos, and sketches. His captivating creativity has attracted attention on various social media platforms. Instagram has over 130,000 followers. Muzafar has become an icon of young people who lead with his tenacious efforts and a positive approach for other young talented applicants.

Artist muzafar, award-winning Muzafar Ahmed Bhat… .. is a self-taught artist with a family of mother, father, sister (writer) and brother. His passion for creativity began to show his teeth at the very early age of five. After graduating from junior high school at Barbarti High School and completing an education at Sri Lanville High School Janmu, Muzafar earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the Institute of Music. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Jammu. Muzafer enjoys single life and is tasked with stealing everyone’s thunder with his art.

Artist Musafer is recognized for his artistic qualities and work of art for his excellence in the Polywood and Bollywood industries. He has created and edited sketches, depictions, designed posters and videos for many famous singers, models and actors. Muzafah has worked with famous singer and actor Diljit Dosanzi as an assistant art director for the next movie called JODI. .. Muzafar is interested in Vlog and has worked with many YouTube users, featuring recently adding milestones to his “No-Finish Line” art quest.

His admiration and recognition includes modeling, filmmaking, editing, graffiti, sketching and painting. The man in many frames who believes that his journey of name and fame is “endless” is artist the Musafer.

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Creativity and Responsibility Accident-Young Talent “Artist The Muzafar”

Source link Creativity and Responsibility Accident-Young Talent “Artist The Muzafar”

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