Cowboys, 49ers meet again in postseason in Wild Card Round

Arlington, Texas: Playoff enemies Dallas and San Francisco haven’t played in the postseason since the end of the third consecutive NFC Championship Game in the 1990s.

Sunday’s wildcard meeting was the first step to the Super Bowl, not the last, and Dak Prescott and the Cowboys (12-5), the 49ers were the biggest happening in the NFL.

Prescott has been a starter since the beginning of the 2016 rookie season, leading Dallas to NFC’s top seed before losing his playoff debut to Green Bay at home. He is currently a $ 40 million quarterback a year trying to win the long-awaited run of the renowned franchise on his third trip to the postseason.

According to Prescott, I don’t necessarily know why people honestly labeled the word pressure as such a bad thing. I think it produces high expectations and high standards, and they usually produce high results.

Two years have passed since the 49ers (10-7) visiting with Jimmy Garoppolo lost to Kansas City in the Super Bowl. While the Cowboys were cruising late in the season as NFC East champions, they needed a tense victory at the Los Angeles Rams in the finale to qualify for the playoffs.

Garoppolo, who had Tom Brady backing up two titles in the New England Super Bowl, knew he had a chance to do something special before playing Patrick Mahomes when the chiefs gathered. increase. Fourth quarter for 31-20 victories.

So I belong to many teams that went to the Super Bowl and Im didn’t say anything like that, but just there are emotions and count them as long as you have them I want to, Garoppolo said.

Jimmy’s Swan Song?

Garoppolo knows that every upcoming match could be his last in the 49ers. San Francisco exchanged three first-round picks to draft Trey Lance last spring, but it’s only a matter of time before the previous North Dakota quarterback has a chance.

But every time Garoppolo helped lead the Nainers to victory, it gave him another game of the season and some questions about whether he could return to 2022 for the final year of the deal. To raise.

It’s always at the bottom of your heart, Garoppolo said. It was really inside me all this season. I knew what season it was, I knew everything that was happening behind the scenes. It was a little different. But at the same time, you don’t want to be too emotional at those moments, so you need to draw that line.

Time to produce

The Cowboys led the NFL in points and yards, but inconsistent pockets led to about a month of chatting about whether Prescott was sluggish. Receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb showed a dominant game flash, but each disappeared from time to time.

Ezekiel Elliott has been fighting knee injuries most of the season and hasn’t played a 100-yard rush game since the fifth week. The two lashing champions seem to be in good health at the right time. Now is the time for the Cowboys, who will be in the playoffs for the first time since 2018, to attack everything together.

Director Mike McCarthy said he loves the way our team traveled the season in the first playoffs with Dallas after playing Green Bay nine times in the postseason for more than 12 years. We were able to experience ups and downs, unfavorable moments, and personnel changes. We have an excellent foundation for participating in this playoffs.

Dynamic devo

The Forty-niners attack relies heavily on one of the league’s most exciting players, the versatile receiver Deebo Samuel, both as a receiver and as a running back. He finished his regular season with 77 catches, the highest in his career, at 1,405 yards, achieving a 365-yard rush and a total of 14 TDs.

Samuel is the only player in NFL history to boast at least 1,400 yards of receive and 300 yards of rush during the season, with an average of at least 18 yards of catch since Lenny Moore in 1958, where his ability to break tackles leads. I have a 6.0 yard carry. For big plays.

That’s why Kyle Shanahan really liked Devo, whatever his strengths and weaknesses. It was hard to be able to use his physique as a receiver, but now that I can add a running back part, it’s much easier to get the ball.

A big stage for young stars

NFL intercept leader Trevon Diggs made his playoff debut with linebacker Micah Parsons, scoring 11 in the second season with the Cowboys. Newcomers to Pennsylvania State University have the chance to win the Defensive Blue Key and the Defensive Player of the Year. Lawrence Taylor was a former player who did it at the New York Giants in 1981.

Parsons, who led a freshman player on a 13-sack, thinks the entire rookie phase is almost over. I think it’s just another game. The only difference is in deciding whether this will go home and I hope I didn’t go home.


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Cowboys, 49ers meet again in postseason in Wild Card Round

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