Covid’s horror paralyzes global automakers in Detroit, India

An automaker with a factory in Tamil Nadu, India’s industry center, shut down after threatening employees to strike due to health concerns about Covid-19 in the state. I’m reducing shifts.
Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. At a factory near Chennai called Detroit in India, we were involved in a legal dispute with workers who said that safety should not be compromised in order to reach production targets. Workers also challenged the state’s decision to exempt the automobile industry from local lockdown rules.
In response to a proceeding in the Madras High Court, Renault-Nissan said it had taken the necessary precautions to protect its employees. This includes reducing daily shifts from 3 to 2 and arranging transportation and vaccinations. The company said it had promised to serve export orders, so the plant had to stay up and running, which is permitted by local law.
Hyundai Motor India shut down in Chennai until May 29, after a surge in infectious diseases and a strike on Monday. “We have always prioritized employee safety, health and well-being,” the company said in a statement.
Pandemic toll
Seven workers at an automaker’s factory died in Covid last month, and 750 were virus-positive, according to E. Mutskumar, chairman of a union representing modern employees. He said there would be two shifts a day instead of the usual three shifts when the factory reopens on Monday, May 31st. A modern spokesman said there would be no such change.
India has been hit by a pandemic, with nearly 27 million cases confirmed and more than 307,000 dead, but the actual number of casualties could be much higher. Tamil Nadu is one of the most devastated states, with infectious diseases soaring to 1.9 million and nearly 21,000 dead.
The confrontation between automakers and workers underscores the struggle for businesses and local governments to balance economic interests with public health demands. Severe blockages can slow the economy and put jobs at risk, but allowing factories to operate may help Covid run wild. The Indian state government has exempted some sectors that it considers essential from the blockade regulations.
The Madras High Court has asked the Tamil Nadu government to oversee the working conditions of Renault-Nissan’s factory floors and asked automakers if production has been reduced. The annual production capacity is 480,000 units.
The hearing will continue until May 31st.
Maruti Suzuki India, the country’s largest automaker, halved its production capacity through a pandemic, and Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest motorcycle producer, said last month that all manufacturing facilities were temporarily shut down. .. .. Truck maker Ashok Leyland Ltd. has also shrunk its business.

Covid’s horror paralyzes global automakers in Detroit, India

Source link Covid’s horror paralyzes global automakers in Detroit, India

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