Covid hospitalization doubles in a week in major cities in Gujarat, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Ahmedabad: In 24 hours until 9:30 am on Friday, the private hospital in Ahmedabad added 229 patients. This means that 19 patients were hospitalized every two hours. The number of cases on Friday morning (2,319) was not only the highest since early December, but also increased by 77% in just seven days from 1,310 on March 26. Hospital admissions with Covd-19 have doubled in Surat, Vadodara and Rajkot. last week.

As Gujarat added a record 2,640 cases on Friday, the rapid spread of the virus has led private hospitals to add beds to meet increasing demand. In Ahmedabad, the number of beds available increased from 2,886 to 3,304 in seven days, a 14.5% surge. Dr. Bharat Gadhvi, chairman of the Ahmedabad Hospital and Nursing and Housing Association (AHNA), said the city had more than 3,500 beds for Covid-19 patients during peak November-December. The third wave has not yet reached its peak.

“Many hospitals stopped Covid-19 treatment or reduced their infrastructure to accommodate other patients due to the decline in cases from January to February. However, due to the surge, many hospitals We are relaunching the facility to accommodate the surge, “he added, adding that about 70% of all beds are occupied.

According to the AHNA website, more than 40 of the 90 hospitals in the city had more than 90% occupancy and almost complete isolation wards. “The share of ICUs and ventilated beds has increased from 21% a week ago to 24%,” said Dr. Gadhvi.

Hospitals are also in a hurry to meet demand. “Currently, we have 48 beds for Covid-19 patients. All of them are occupied. Therefore, we applied for an additional 22 beds, and that number is now 70,” said Nabrungpra. Dr. Sunil Popat, Medical Director of Nidy Hospital, based in Japan, said.

Similarly, Dr. Viral Shah, medical director at Pusha Hospital, said his hospital discontinued Covid-19 treatment when the number of cases decreased. “After a gap of nearly two months, we resumed hospitalization for Covid-19 patients,” he said.

Dr. JP Modi, a medical supervisor at Ahmedabad Municipal Hospital, said about 300 patients had been hospitalized a week ago and doubled to 596 as of Friday night. “We accept about 100 patients daily,” he said, adding that out of a capacity of 1200 beds, the hospital currently has 920 functional beds. “Additions will be added as needed. IKDRC also has approximately 170 beds.”

Dashboard that provides information about the bed

The scenario is the same in other cities. In the city and district of Vadodara, that number almost doubled from 3,468 on March 23 to 5,651 on Friday. Authorities have launched a dashboard that provides information on bed availability.

In Surat, the number of patients being treated almost doubled from 688 on March 26 to 1,172 on Friday. “New Civil Hospital occupies 291 of the total 2225 beds, and SMC’s SMIMER Hospital occupies 362 of the 650 beds,” said an executive at Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC). I am.

Officials in the Large Cot district said the number of Covid-19 cases had increased from 549 a week ago to 950, almost doubling again. The city of Largecott has 1,767 beds for Covid-19 patients on Friday, a slight increase from 1,509 on March 26.

Covid hospitalization doubles in a week in major cities in Gujarat, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Source link Covid hospitalization doubles in a week in major cities in Gujarat, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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