Covid, G7 Leaders Summit Begins with Focusing on Climate Change

The long-awaited G7 Leaders Summit to commemorate the first face-to-face meeting of member heads of state since the outbreak of Covid-19 last year will begin on Friday with a major focus on pandemics and climate change.

Hosted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, this three-day event will take place in the coastal village of Cornwall, Carvis Bay.

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Following its launch on Friday, leaders will discuss the recovery of the coronavirus from a pandemic, focusing on questions such as donating the Covid-19 vaccine and providing financial assistance to build vaccine production sites around the world. I will.

In the evening, G7 leaders reported that Queen Elizabeth II, Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge would attend at a formal reception.

Prince Charles will then hold a reception for G7 leaders and CEOs of the world’s largest companies, with Prince William attending to discuss how the private sector can work with the government to tackle climate emergencies.

Last year, G7 leaders met virtually only last year because of a pandemic.

It is also the first major international summit since US President Joe Biden took office in January, and he attends as part of a week-long trip to Europe.

After arriving on Thursday, Biden and Johnson will meet to collaborate on global challenges such as illegal finance, violent conflict and radicalism, climate change, and global health crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic. Signed a new Atlantic Charter aimed at that.

They also agreed to resume their journey and continue to share information that will help us to defeat the international coronavirus epidemic with our country.

The G7 consists of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Canada.

Leaders from Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa will also be invited as guests on Saturday.

Johnson said he hopes this will turn the summit into a major democratic conference.

Covid, G7 Leaders Summit Begins with Focusing on Climate Change

Source link Covid, G7 Leaders Summit Begins with Focusing on Climate Change

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