COVID-19 Update: 34,403 new cases, 320 additional deaths in 24 hours

According to Union Health data updated on Friday, 34,403 people were COVID-19 positive, the overall number of infections in India increased to 3,33,81,728, and the number of active cases increased to 3,39,056. It has decreased.

The death toll from the disease has risen to 4,44,248, with 320 deaths recorded.

According to data updated by the ministry at 8 am, the number of active cases currently accounts for 1.03% of the total number of infections, with a national COVID-19 recovery rate of 97.64%.

The number of active COVID-19 cases in Japan decreased by 3,867 cases in 24 hours. In addition, 15,27,420 tests were conducted on Thursday, bringing the total cumulative tests performed to date to detect COVID-19 in the country to 54,92,29,149.

The weekly positive rate is recorded at 1.97%. According to the ministry, it has fallen below 3% in the last 84 days. Although the case fatality rate has been recorded at 1.33%, it said that the number of people who recovered from the disease was 3,25,60,474.

According to the ministry, the cumulative doses given domestically under the vaccination drive to date have exceeded 77.24 chlores.

India’s COVID-19 total exceeded 20 easy on August 7, 30 easy on August 23, 40 easy on September 5, and 50 easy on September 16. This exceeded 60 Rakı on September 28th and 70 Rakı on October 11th. , Over 80 crawls on October 29th, over 90 crawls on November 20th, and over 1 crawl on December 19th last year.

India recorded two Karol cases on May 4 and three on June 23. The 320 new deaths include 178 from Kerala, 45 from Maharashtra and 25 from Tamil Nadu, the ministry said.

4,44,248, including 1,38,322 in Maharashtra, 37,555 in Karnataka, 35,271 in Tamil Nadu, 25,084 in Delhi, 23,165 in Kerala, 22,886 in Uttar Pradesh and 18,620 in West Bengal. It is said that human deaths have been reported domestically. ..

The Ministry of Health said more than 70 percent of deaths were caused by comorbidities. “Our numbers are coordinated with the Indian Medical Research Council,” the ministry said on its website, adding that the distribution of numbers by state is subject to further verification and adjustment.

COVID-19 Update: 34,403 new cases, 320 additional deaths in 24 hours

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