“Companies should let their products talk”: Zerodha CEO Herring Kamato talks about “conscious” business ideas

Nithin Kamath, founder and CEO of the brokerage firm Zerodha, said in “Isha Insight: The DNA of Success,” the first day of the Isha Leadership Academy’s business leadership program, business should speak of itself and India is more “aware.” He said he needed a “high” business. “You can be a business that lets products talk and think about giving back. A conscious business. I think India needs it. India is aware of what’s happening around them. We need a lot of big companies, “said a 41-year-old entrepreneur.

The CEO of India’s largest retail brokerage company said wealth concentration is happening all over the world and it only accelerates. “I don’t know how things will change. I think people should give back more wherever wealth is concentrated,” he said.

Talking about his journey with Zerodha, Kamato said he thought he was a coincidental businessman. “I don’t have a business in my blood, and thankfully the lack of outside investors has prompted us to do something very different from the way we think about the world. No, “he added.

“We always knew there was an opportunity to disrupt existing brokerage or revenue ventures. Incentives didn’t match our customers in the way we set up our business,” Kamath said of the brokerage industry. ..

He and his brother Nikhill Kamato said they realized early on that they had the opportunity to enter the industry and clean up. “Even if it’s not a product, there are ways to confuse it just in operation. Sometimes it can be right for the customer,” he said.

Kamato called themselves “customer caretakers” and emphasized the importance of a transparent culture. “In financial services, intermediaries make money by making things complicated and opaque. The first thing we wanted to do was make it transparent,” he said.

He said in Zerodha that the culture of the company is to do its best for its customers. “If we can make our customers’ lives easier, we need to go ahead and do it. Transparency is the foundation for us to build an organization,” he said.

Zerodha opened on August 15, 2010 to break down the barriers faced by traders and investors in terms of cost, support and technology. Using a disruptive pricing model and in-house technology, Zerodha has become India’s largest equity broker with more than 7.5 million clients, or about 15% of India’s total retail volume.

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“Companies should let their products talk”: Zerodha CEO Herring Kamato talks about “conscious” business ideas

Source link “Companies should let their products talk”: Zerodha CEO Herring Kamato talks about “conscious” business ideas

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