Companies give employees paid leave to prevent burnout during a pandemic

During this pandemic, employees suffer from burnout and productivity is reduced, so most brands realize that output is severely disrupted unless employees are given time to recharge and refresh. I am. As a result, not only large companies, but also mid-sized companies and start-ups are giving workers amazing “wellness vacations” and actively motivating them to take casual vacations.

From Hindustan Unilever, L’Oreal India, Nestle India, Mondelez India, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Godrej Group to multinational technology majors such as Google and Twitter, employees are trapped in their homes and enjoy a leisurely trip during this period. I’m taking advantage of this understanding that I can’t. ..

New organizations such as Flipkart, Freshworks, Springworks, Mobile Premier League, PayU India and Khatabook are also following this. The reason for this anomalous movement is not only to help employees emotionally and mentally recharge, but also to ensure that they take a break from work.

This is some other company that goes beyond the top.


Bumble has announced that its company-wide weekly vacation will be a permanent benefit to 700 employees twice a year. In addition, the female-led dating app will have unlimited vacation days for its employees to be paid. Bumble’s president, Tariq Shaukat, said it was becoming more and more apparent that our way of working and working was changing, and that their new plans reflect that.

The way they are needed and can best help the team both at work and in life.

Bumble also announced several updates to other workplace policies and privileges. For example, not all employees need to return to the office full-time. Still, it will ensure that their staff work in the country in which they work. In addition, Bumble said that some people do not have a suitable living environment for remote work, giving employees access to coworking spaces.

Bumble said he would give employees at least six months of paid leave for childbirth, adoption, surrogacy and caregivers, and at least four weeks of adjustable work to get back to work. Bumble workers are given a minimum of 12 weeks of leave per year to care for their families.

The company has announced that employees who are victims of domestic violence and other violent crimes can take at least 20 days of paid leave. According to Bumble, staff are allowed to take at least 15 days of paid and compassionate leave. This included taking a break after a miscarriage.

OYO Rooms

Hotel chain Oyo plans to start working four days a week for workers, in addition to giving them unlimited paid leave without questions, CEO and founder Ritesh Agarwal said in a tweet. increase. OYO Rooms founder and CEO, Ritesh Agruwar,

We will shift to working hours four days a week, but the way we do it is a little different, we will be closed on Wednesdays and OYOpreneurs will be able to take a break.

He also said that OYO would not start asking questions about flexible and endless paid leave. OYO’s statement on adjustable paid leave meant that Indian workers could quit their jobs whenever they needed them. “You don’t have to log it. Please let the manager know. No reason, no questions,” Agarwal wrote in a tweet.

The founder of OYO said the coronavirus pandemic continues to test employees. Physical and mental health. One of the important things is to spend more time for our loved ones and ourselves, Tweet Thread said.

Ally Financial

Friendly CEO Jeff Brown quickly took leadership and showed concern and kindness to his employees. The Allies provided immediate paid medical leave to all employees diagnosed with COVID-19. We also provide paid long-term care leave to employees who care for their sick family.

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs has begun giving workers around the world an additional 10 days of leave to care for children and older relatives infected with the coronavirus. A US bank told employees that extra vacation was allowed to manage “a unique individual situation associated with the severe impact of Covid-19.”

Bentley de Bayer, who took over the head of human capital management at Goldman in January, sent a note to the team about the additional vacation. “To encourage our employees, we will provide 10 days of parental leave to people around the world as needed due to childcare obligations, including Covid-19-related illnesses and homeschooling,” deBeyer said in a note. Stated.


Fidelity has given employees new benefits of providing more important support to workers who are also caregivers. Fidelity gave us more time to deal with unexpected life events and gave us the opportunity to access professional care coordinators and healthcare providers.


Burnout is still a concern. SARVA founder Sarvesh Shashi, whose most important finding was that household productivity doubled, soon realized that double productivity was beginning to cause burnout.

Team member. Therefore, we announced the leaves of burnout syndrome. This means that one week of the month becomes a four-day week. In addition to this, I realized that the team missed a good time at work, so I held a fun Friday session on the first Friday of every month.

The chassis said they had teamed up together to rejuvenate.

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Companies give employees paid leave to prevent burnout during a pandemic

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