Climate change: it’s a real crisis

According to scientists, the heat wave that hit western Canada and the United States on June 21 was “practically impossible” without climate change. And so was the deadly flood in Europe.

India is also expected to face the irreversible effects of the climate crisis, the IPCC report warns. The same report also states that the world is not doing enough to stop “catastrophic” global warming.

The earth is warming rapidly. Depending on the predictions you read, the results can range from serious to apocalyptic. Responsibility for tackling climate change lies with decision makers, industry and the general public. Government and parliament play an important role, followed by technology authorities.

Consumption is on the other side of the equation
As long as alternative energy production is still evolving, reducing energy consumption can reduce emissions. Today, energy is on the corporate agenda. Enterprises benefit by keeping costs low or differentiating.

Energy strategy
Energy must be a C suite issue. CXOs need to be actively involved in the energy roadmap. Energy strategies are difficult to implement without a clear CEO involvement and a clear governance structure.

How can i contribute
“The energy saved is the energy produced.” A small investment in the latest technology can contribute significantly to saving energy consumed, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Throughout the industry, including hydrocarbons, electricity, fertilizers, cement and steel, rotating equipment is the driving force for fluids in plants. However, a very basic change can save a lot of power.

So what are the miracles we are talking about? This is a change in the material used for fixed wear rings on rotating equipment.

DuPontTM Vespel® CR-6100 is a composite material made from Teflon® PFA and carbon fiber. It is one of the highest performing thermoplastics due to its excellent mechanical properties even in high pressure applications with very high operating temperatures and very good chemical resistance.

Recognized by ISO 13709 and API 610 standards. Vespel can replace metals, carbon, bronze, and other composites for use in pump wear rings and similar wear parts of centrifugal pumps.

Vespel minimizes the risk of pump seizure and allows the clearance of these components to be typically 50% lower than the original design value. Reducing clearance increases efficiency and production potential, resulting in significant energy savings.

An efficiency improvement of about 3-5% is common. With tens of thousands of pumps installed across India, the potential for OPEX savings and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from Indian industrial facilities looks very promising.

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Climate change: it’s a real crisis

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