Class 12 CBSE, ICSE Exam: SC says physical examination claims are “irrational”

In the Indian Union’s question, “Who should be liable if a student dies?”, The Supreme Court has thrown a persistent plea from some parents claiming that the Covid graph is in free fall, class 12 CBSE and He argued that an internal evaluation scheme for ICSE students should be. Chuck in favor of a physical examination.

However, Tuesday judges AMKhanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari upheld the coalition’s principle that “the lives of all students are precious.”

“Let’s say many students taking the written exam are infected. Let’s say the student died … who’s the fault? It’s neither safe nor wise to take the written exam,” said Union Attorney General KK Benugopal. I am.

The court called on Andorra, who plans to conduct state legislature trials but postponed the final decision to July, to clarify his position in an affidavit by Wednesday. “If there is even one dead, the country will be held liable,” the court warned. Kerala has already filed an affidavit to choose a Class 11 exam. The court said it would pass the order at the state’s choice.

The court found the physical examination claim to be “irrational.” Judge Maheshwari said students cannot be left uncertain about their health and future.

The Indian School Certificate Examination Council (CISCE), which conducts CBSE and ICSE exams, shared coalition concerns about endangering children with medical professionals, especially warning about the upcoming third wave. ..

“Children are the most vulnerable, even without vaccination,” said a defender of JK Das, who appears at CISCE.

“Fair and rational”

The court stated that the CBSE and CISCE evaluation schemes were “fair and rational” and did not cause prejudice to students. Vikas Singh, a senior advocate of the parent-teacher association, argued that students should be able to choose between an internal assessment and a written exam.

“The current system allows students to take advantage of two world strengths. If he or she does not get a good score on the internal assessment, they choose a physical examination to be held when the situation facilitates. Shin’s suggestion deprives students of their choice to improve his score, “Venugopal argued with success.

The Attorney General has calmed concerns that different dates of declaration of results by the CBSE, CISCE, and state boards could lead students of one board to steal the marches of another.

“UGC will wait for all boards to announce the results before announcing the date of admission to the university or institution,” Venugopal assured.

Venugopal argued that the evaluation scheme facilitated the “manipulation of marks”. He explained that every school has a results committee to accredit Mark based on rational decisions. “Moreover, the operation means counterfeiting and attracts a punishment of seven years in prison … does the school principal want it?” Asked the Attorney General.

The Supreme Legal Officer opposed the submission that CBSE and CISCE should follow the same criteria in their respective evaluation schemes. The court acknowledged his reasoning that CBSE and ICSE were “independent and autonomous organizations” and that the standards were amended by experts after lengthy deliberations.

Class 12 CBSE, ICSE Exam: SC says physical examination claims are “irrational”

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