Claims for fraudulent voting by Californians as part of the Republican Party

Sacramento, Calif .: Few voting issues were reported on the final day of voting in the California national dismissal elections on Tuesday, but unfounded reports from Republican leaders note trying to expel the Democratic governor. Threatened to block Republican voting in the contest.

Larry Elder’s campaign, one of the leading Republican candidates trying to replace Newsom in the event of a successful recall, pays for a website that hints that Governor Gavin Newsom has already won the election for fraud. rice field. The word has been lifted from a petition circulated to support former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the outcome of last year’s presidential election.

By Tuesday afternoon, the language had been removed from the website, leaving only a form for reporting irregularities, interference, or intimidation during voting. A spokeswoman for the campaign said the site is run by a third party and the website is constantly updating its language. “

The elder had previously said he was expecting Shenanigan, as it was in the 2020 elections. “

Such comments elicited strong criticism from Newsom, who spoke to reporters after greeting volunteers in San Francisco.

The one in this fraudulent election is a jar. That’s shameful, “said Newsom. As an American, I’m embarrassed and tired. stop it. grow up. These people are literally destroying our democracy and our trust in our system. “

Some of the words removed from the website are the same as those in the petition circulated by lawyer L. Lin Wood, who upheld the proceedings to overturn Joe Bydens’ victory in Georgia last year.

Wood said it played no role in the petition circulated by the elder.

The message about fraud poses a problem for Republican officials who encourage everyone to vote while promoting the story of the unreliable security of California elections. Hermeet Dillon, a lawyer and woman on the National Committee of the Republican National Committee of California, shows her husband and her husband throwing ballots in the mail and urges everyone to do the same. Said it created.

But Dillon also said he wasn’t sure if the California elections were safe and elaborated on a number of issues he said he and a team of lawyers watching the vote had witnessed.

According to Dillon, many questions and potential proceedings will arise after the election regarding the sloppy treatment and voting rights of people’s ballots.

Much of GOP’s criticism of California’s elections has focused on mail ballots that are automatically sent to all active registered voters since the coronavirus pandemic began. The overwhelming majority of California voters cast ballots by mail even before the pandemic, and the widespread fraudulent voting problem has not surfaced.

As of Monday, more than 8.5 million ballots were cast by more than 22.3 million voters, according to AP Elections Research. Mike Sanchez, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Registry, said voting by mail was reliable, safe and secure, “he said, with an extensive protocol for validating all ballots.

The allegations ignored those safeguards and misrepresented them. As a result, their message can confuse voters and discourage their participation. “

The GOP’s plight was in last year’s presidential election, where many of the parties feared that persuading Republicans to stay home could backfire Trump’s allegations of widespread fraud with expanded mail-voting. It’s like a plight.

In California, Republicans need all the help it can get.

Democrats make up 46.5% of all registered voters, while Republicans make up only 24%. Independent voters are about the same as Republicans, but tend to vote for democracy. Since 2006, when Arnold Schwarzenegger won the re-election as governor, the Republicans have not held state-wide positions.

Dillon pointed out the weekend incident in Los Angeles when some people who appeared to vote in the Woodland Hills neighborhood said they had already voted.

The Los Angeles County Registry said the error was due to the settings of some computers used to check in voters. The Secretariat said affected people were allowed to cast provisional ballots that would act as placeholders until voters were qualified.

Not all Republicans accept allegations of election fraud. John Cox, a businessman running for Newsom’s successor, said concerns about fraudulent elections were another distraction.

Cox said in a campaign on Monday that some would decide not to vote.

Apart from Republican claims, a group of election security and computer science experts have been based on a copy of the election administration system similar to that used in 40 of California’s 58 counties, California’s election system. Expressed concern about.

The unauthorized copy was released at an event hosted by Mike Lindell, CEO of Trump’s ally, My Pillow, who made unfounded claims about last year’s elections.

Part of the challenge for election managers is the process of ballot counting and reporting. Election managers can begin processing ballots mailed before the election day. That is, the first batch of results released is from a mail ballot that is expected to slightly support Democrats, followed by face-to-face voting results that are expected to show more Republican votes. it continues. .. Finally, postmarked ballots by Tuesday can be counted and reported for up to 7 days.

All votes are cast on paper ballots that can be counted by hand when a question arises.

Local election authorities are receiving increasing interest from election observers working with the Republican Party, said Donna Johnston, a voter registration body in Sutter County and chairman of the California Secretariat Election Officials Association.

Election officials welcomed the opportunity to explain to observers and steps to ensure the safety and integrity of elections, Johnston said. She said the growing distrust was painful for us. “

According to Johnston, election officials take it personally when someone makes an unfounded accusation of our actions.


Associated Press writer Michael R. Blood of Los Angeles and Nicholas Riccardi of Denver contributed to this report.


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Claims for fraudulent voting by Californians as part of the Republican Party

Source link Claims for fraudulent voting by Californians as part of the Republican Party

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