Chinese EV maker Xpeng plans to mass produce by 2024

Chinese electric car maker Xpeng announced a flying car over the weekend, claiming it will be mass-produced by 2024.

Associate HT Aero, a flying car company that raised more than $ 500 million in its latest funding phase last week, is developing the Xpeng X2. Limited flying cars include a steering wheel for navigating the road and a single lever for flight settings.

Earlier this year, one of Tesla’s most powerful Chinese competitors, Xpeng, debuted an electric sedan that was more than a third cheaper than Tesla. In the first half of 2021, Chinese manufacturers delivered more than 3,000 vehicles, an annual increase of 459%.

According to an article in Xpeng on the X2 website, the X2 has a propeller that can be rolled whenever the car is on the road and magnified when the vehicle is in the air. It can be used by 2 people.

Xpeng promotes flying vehicles as a means of transportation in urban environments such as from airports to work. The vehicle can fly for up to 35 minutes at a time. A Nasdaq-listed electric car maker wants to offer cars for less than Rs 1.18 (US $ 157,000, RMB 1 million).

Vehicle manufacturers and entrepreneurs are looking at flying cars with competing names such as General Motors, Toyota and Hyundai. However, according to the Global Business News website, there are obstacles such as battery power and safety requirements as more companies are focusing on flying cars.

Chinese EV maker Xpeng plans to mass produce by 2024

Source link Chinese EV maker Xpeng plans to mass produce by 2024

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