China Acquires Land Around Japanese Military Base: Report

Tokyo: Due to security concerns, more than 700 Chinese-funded land transactions were detected by a Japanese research group around a Japanese military base, according to a local newspaper.

The Sankei Shimbun reported Thursday that China-led foreign companies are pushing for investment and purchase plans, which could pose a risk to Japan’s security.

Japanese officials reportedly made a surprising discovery after launching a comprehensive investigation into land ownership around military installations last year.

The investigation is reported to have arisen in recent years from rumors that the Chinese capital was used to purchase sites within 10 kilometers of defense facilities and on Japanese islands around the country.

Authorities confirmed the confirmed land acquisition and acquisition plans and found that the affected areas were around the Japan Self-Defense Forces, US Army military bases in Japan, the Japanese Coast Guard, and space exploration facilities, Sankei said. Reported to Apple Daily News.Cite sources familiar with the matter

From these sites, I was able to get a panoramic sweep of the facility and learn about US and Japanese aircraft carriers, planes, and personnel activities.

“One of the buyers who bought the parcel closest to the US military base in Kanagawa Prefecture was suspected to have something to do with the Beijing government,” according to the Apple Daily.

The buyer also owns several nearby skyscrapers that can provide a bird’s-eye view of the base, and the United States has expressed concern about the deal.

The report also included other transaction plans around the US base on the main island of Okinawa and Japan’s defense facility in Tottori prefecture, and said Chinese investors were targeting these areas.

According to the Apple Daily, the newspaper has learned from sources that more acquisitions are taking place by zooming in on land near a radar system that surveys Japan’s airspace and waters.

The Tokyo Cabinet will consider legislation to regulate land use by foreign investors and may designate zones within a kilometer of major facilities as requiring special attention, Sankei said. Stated. The parties involved in the land acquisition must announce future usage of the site before closing the transaction, and the government reserves the right to suspend the transaction if the usage is deemed inappropriate. To do.

Prior to the latest report, Sankei said in 2017 that the Chinese capital was used to purchase land equivalent to about 513 Tokyo Domes in Hokkaido. The stadium in the Japanese capital covers 4.67 hectares (11.5 acres).

China Acquires Land Around Japanese Military Base: Report

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